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Excuse me sir, are you still using soap on your face? Well, well, you might want to think about it once. The skincare routine giving supple, glowing skin have long been considered a woman’s thing. Men are supposed to be rough and tough! Sorry, to break your myth. This is not the case. Skin is the most important sense organ of our body. It spreads throughout your body protecting you from dust, dirt, pollution, UV, and physical harm. In addition, it is a sign of health and beauty. Rough, undernourished doesn’t just look bad but also leads to numerous issues like breakout, allergies, inflammation, and skin diseases too. Thus, every individual irrespective of their gender need a skincare routine.

Yes, men too! In fact, you need it more considering the vast working population with regular exposure to the sun, cigarette smoke, alcohol, and stress. You need to hydrate and nourish your skin. However, relax, we are not going to roll out tons of products and cosmetics expecting you to hoard all of them. Nobody has the time and patience for that! Today, we’ll focus on rejuvenating and protecting that handsome face of yours as the skin on your face is ten times more delicate as compared to your body. We’ll break down your skincare routine into five simple steps and suggest you the best face wash for men followed by trusted completely natural moisturizer and face creams.

Please note, that this is the basic must-have skin care for every skin. Feel free to add on serum, beard oils or dark circle cream (check: Best under eye dark circle cream in India) as per your need.

Step 1: Cleansing

The very first step of every skincare routine is cleansing your face properly. Throughout the day, your face is covered by debris, dust, smoke, sweat, and sebum. These clog the pores, damage your skin cells and even lead to acne. And, by any chance, if you have oily skin, the problem becomes even worse. Thus, it is very important to clean your face properly. And, please do not turn towards your soaps or body washes. They have a much higher pH and do more harm to the skin than good. We suggest Charcoal and Coffee facewash by Mamaearth especially crafted for oily skin. The product contains is natural ingredients such as activated charcoal that works like a dirt and oil magnet and coffee that replenishes lost nutrients.

Step 2: Exfoliation

A lot of you might be thinking of skipping of this step but believe us, just don’t. A good lot of products cannot help you if they can’t penetrate your skin due to clogged pores. Thus, thoroughly cleaning your pores for oil, dirt, and bacteria is important. It will help you get rid of acne and even the tough blackheads sitting on your nose. Finally! Our pick complements the charcoal face wash in thoroughly cleansing your face – Charcoal and Walnut exfoliating scrub by Mamaearth. Activated charcoal is a great detoxifying agent that unclogs pores whereas walnut nourishes and removes tan.

Step 3: Moisturize

A dry-looking face for any man is a big NO. After cleansing your face thoroughly, you need to hydrate your face. In addition, moisturizer acts as a protective layer for your skin on a heavy day out. Plus, good natural moisturizers help you repair damaged cells, nourish your face from within, and prevent wrinkles to give you elastic, supple, and youthful skin. Our pick for the best moisturizer is an Oil-free face moisturizer by Mamaearth. It is a natural mixture of apple cider vinegar that helps balance the pH and reduce acne breakout. Plus, betaine helps skin retain natural moisture while reducing wrinkles.

Step 4: Sun protection

An exactly must-have for all your day-out adventures. Harmful UV rays, especially in Indian summers, can not only give you a dark tan but also penetrate your skin to permanently damage your skin cells. It makes your face dull, dry, and wrinkled. Thus, we suggest Ultra-Light Indian Sunscreen with Carrot Seed, Turmeric, and SPF 50 PA+++.  It is a completely natural product that protects you constantly for 6 hours. It is lightweight, leaves no patches, and is very easy to apply.

Step 5: Night cream

Wait, did we just not talk about a day’s face cream? Yes, but a night cream completes your skin care by gently healing and replenishing your skin to give you fresher and happier skin the next morning. It gives you all-around hydration and nourishment. And, that brings us to our last pick of the day – The Aloe Vera night cream by Mamaearth. It hydrates and heals your skin overnight with nature’s goodness to give you young, elastic and healthier skin in the longer run.

And, that’s it. We hope you could catch on to some quick additions to your routine. Happy glowing!






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