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Beauti.tips is a blog that focuses on using homemade natural beauty recipes to take care of women’s beauty. Since there are many side effects for some of the over-the-counter beauty products, this makes it our own responsibility to protect our skin and body from harsh chemicals.

Beauti.tips is open for Guest Bloggers. We at Tips for Natural Beauty believe that publishing your guest post here will help you get few inbound links and traffic to your own blog as well as exchanging ideas of natural remedies that will benefit all of us.

Please note that posts that promote and lead to a product page, a company website, or a service website are regarded sponsored posts. If you are interested in publishing your post on Beauti.tips, please send your proposal to info@beauti.tips.

How to Submit a Guest post to Tips for Natural Beauty?

  • Send us an email with your full name, a short profile and also feel free to add one link to your blog/site.
  • Three URLs where your guest articles were published
  • We prefer that you contact us telling what topic you have chosen for your guest post, so as to save your time. After that, you can write your quality guest post and submit it for review and we will review and published as soon as possible.

Note: Your guest post is a way of promoting your own blog or site, but you should keep in mind that your post should be written for adding value to beauti.tips blog’s readers. Any post that is just promoting other blogs will be rejected.


Please make sure you follow our guidelines when submitting a post for Beauti.tips:


Your article must be original and NOT posted anywhere else on the web. As well as you agree that you are NOT going to publish it anywhere else in the future.

Format and SEO

  • The article must be well-formatted, should be SEO-rich ( That contains a reasonable number of keywords, and paying attention to meta tags). Any post that is not well optimized will be edited before publishing.
  • Your article should be 500+ words.


  • The articles must contain relevant images (at least one) with a link to the source.
  • The article must NOT contain affiliate links.
  • The do-follow link should be to a relevant personal blog and NOT to a commercial website.