10 Reasons Why You Should Drink Pineapple Water

10 Reasons why you should drink Pineapple water every day, With the strict Ayurveda principles, your lifestyle choices can either heal you or kill you. You can choose to work on your morning rituals and afterward crown it up with pineapple water, which is an excellent morning boost.

Organic pineapple is a rich source of micronutrients, which is essential for your body. In addition, vitamin C and bromelain play a significant role in natural healing.

Drink Pineapple Water

Here’s why you should consume pineapple water every morning:

  1. Fight inflammation

Bromelain has potent anti-inflammatory effects. It helps in the elimination of toxins and hence fights off inflammation that afflicts tissues and organs.

  1. Weight loss

The fiber in pineapples ensures that you remain full for longer. This helps you deal with fat and sugar cravings and hence promotes the weight loss process.

  1. Destroy liver and intestinal parasites

With the anti-parasitic properties of bromelain, a 3-day pineapple fast can help you neutralize tapeworms.

  1. Regulate thyroid function

Bromelain and iodine are effective in treating autoimmune disorders, and hence they can relieve thyroid malfunction.

  1. Electrolyte balance

Potassium is excellent for preventing cramps and injuries, as it fortifies the body and balances your electrolyte level.

  1. Eliminate heavy metals and toxins

Enzymes, antioxidants, and fiber in pineapple perform an excellent detox process and flush toxins and metals out of the body.

  1. Enhance digestion

Bromelain supports the digestion of proteins.

  1. Strengthen gums, whiten and protect teeth

Bromelain is an effective stain-remover. Likewise, it removes plaque accumulations.

  1. Improve vision

Vitamin A and Beta-carotene are excellent for your vision. One study revealed that you need at least three servings of pineapple every day to minimize the risk of age-related macular degeneration (ARMD), which is the leading cause of vision loss in the elderly.

  1. Cancer prevention

A 2007 study showed that bromelain from pineapple stem provides a more powerful effect compared to chemo-agent 5-fluorouracil when it comes to treating malignancies in animals.

Prepare your pineapple water


  • 1-gallon water
  • One organic pineapple
  • 1-gallon ice


Slice the pineapple and put the pieces in a large pitcher before adding the water. Then, add your ice and enjoy the refreshing drink.

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