What Ingredients make Perfume Last Longer

The Secrets of a Long-Lasting Perfume:

Choosing a perfume isn’t only about how it smells. It’s also important to consider how long it lasts. I’m pretty sure that you might have noticed that some perfumes last longer than others. This is a fact that all perfume fanatics know. Commonly, expensive perfumes are the ones that don’t fade easily. However, there are also cheap ones that linger for a long time, though rare. Whether expensive or cheap, one deciding factor that makes perfume last is ingredients. So, what ingredient makes perfume last longer? Let’s find out.

Ingredients of Perfume

Understanding Top, Middle, and Base Fragrance Tones:

Fragrance tone gives perfume personality. In a simple sense, a fragrance tone is the smell of perfume. However, it’s not that plain. Excellence perfumes contain three fragrance tones. These are the top, middle, and base fragrance tones. Every perfumer strives to mix these three and create a combination of smells that users will love.

Top and middle fragrance tones don’t last for long. The top fragrance tone only lasts for 1 or 2 hours. On the other hand, the middle fragrance tone may last for 2 to 3 hours.

The base fragrance tone lasts the longest. It’s the faint smell of perfume that stays on your clothes or skin even as you retire for the day. Most only think about the top and middle tones when choosing perfumes. However, you should learn to consider the base tone. A perfume with a good base tone requires fewer resprays and lasts throughout the day.

What Ingredients Make Perfume Last A Long Time?

There are lots of ingredients that make perfume last for long. Most of these are used in the base note. I’ll explain what these ingredients are later on. For now, let’s discuss the common ingredient that all perfumes whether cheap or expensive are using – the fixative.

A fixative reduces the rate of evaporation of the fragrance oils and other ingredients in a perfume. In a nutshell, it helps the perfume linger by preventing it from evaporating on your skin or clothes right of the bat. Fixatives can either be natural or synthetic. Natural fixatives are resinoids and animal products. On the other hand, synthetic fixatives are substances that aren’t very volatile.

Resinoid are fixatives coming from plants that have a tarry or pitchy quality. Examples of resinoids are labdanum, benzoin, storax, olibanum, and myrrh. On the other hand, animal-based fixatives are those that come from animals parts, animal defecation, or animal excretion.

Examples of animal-based fixatives are ambergris (from whales), castoreum (from beavers), musk (from deers), and civet (from African civet).

Natural fixatives are a lot better than synthetic fixatives. They add smell to the perfume aside from making it last longer. However, some perfumeries are starting to use synthetic fixatives to help preserve the environment. It’s because sourcing natural fixatives are starting to contribute to environmental damage.

Other Long-Lasting Ingredients:

Aside from fixatives, there are other ingredients that make a perfume last longer. As I said earlier, most of these are used in the base fragrance tone. In a way, quality ingredients allow the base tone to act as a semi fixative. Here are some of the most popular perfume ingredients for a long-lasting base.


As a base note, vanilla has a lingering soft creamy and woody aroma. Usually, this ingredient is used to give long-lasting warmth or calming effect to a perfume. At present, Madagascar is the leading producer of vanilla.


Amber is a base note that has an earthly or oriental honeylike smell. This comes from resinous plants. Usually, amber is paired to fruity top notes and middle notes to provide a long-lasting smell that tones down sourness. Amber comes from the Dominican Republic, Europe’s Baltic Region, and Burma.


Patchouli is a long-lasting base note ingredient coming from a plant that’s native to the Philippines and Indonesia. It has a sweet dominating and intoxicating smell. Usually, perfumers tone it down as a base note for enhancing the smell of floral perfumes.


Musk has a long-lasting smell that’s very sweet and hard to resist. Perfumes for men usually have this ingredient for the base note.


A fantastic smelling flower in white color. The infusion which makes method to the majority of cologne ingredients for ladies. Jasmine is among the costliest extracts utilized in the perfume industry. It requires around 8000 flowers to give a millilitre of this odor. All these are handpicked to keep up the blossom. The quantity of work which gets into its own picking and selection may be the rationale for its high-priced label.


Liquid golden or oud is just another pricey perfume ingredient. You will like it or despise it. There’s not any involving the two to its smell of oud. The resin can be due to a fungal attack in the timber of the Aquilaria. Agarwood is just another name for its consequent product with the different smell we understand as oud.

Sandal Wood

Still another smooth woody remember that comes with a promise of lasting scent. The use of sandal wood is widely prevalent in religious and conventional circles of Asia. The sweet intoxicating smell complements floral notes. The timber is aromatic with an enduring retentivity. Frequently employed as a base note that the timber is a sign of energy and life predicated on religious beliefs.


So, what ingredient make a perfume last longer? To answer, they’re the ingredients used in the base note and fixative of the perfume. Thus, it’s important for you to consider not only the top and middle notes but also the base note when choosing perfumes. Remember that perfumes with a good base note last for long. Excellent perfume brands know this. Avoid perfume brands that entice you with a perfume that has excellent top and middle notes but has a poor base note. But aside from ingredients, following good perfume storage practices will help. For example, storing away from sunlight, keeping it sealed, and refraining from shaking its bottle will help to make a perfume last for long.

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