Top 5 Makeup & Cosmetics Brands in Pakistan for 2022

Changes in the Online Cosmetics Shopping in Pakistan and makeup industry in Pakistan have been dramatic during the last several decades. Companies like Medora, Conatural, Saeed Ghani, etc., that produce cosmetics and skincare products have become household brands. People will soon recognize the value and quality of the local brands. Online cosmetics shopping in Pakistan has been on the rise recently, exposing more consumers to the wide variety of high-quality products accessible there. Talking about the Cosmetics Brands in Pakistan, there are plenty to choose from.

The following beauty and cosmetics brands are expected to be among the most widely used in Pakistan in 2022.

Medora Cosmetics

Since a very long time ago, Medora Cosmetics has been Pakistani women’s go-to brand for makeup. Lipsticks and nail polishes in the brand’s extensive hue range are very popular. Now that the company’s official online store in Pakistan is up, locals may shop from a wide variety of face, eye, and lip products. The Swat, Pakistani cosmetics firm known as “Medora” is a well-known brand name in Pakistan. For as long as anybody can remember, Medora lipstick has been the go-to for chic Pakistani women. It has made Online Cosmetics Shopping in Pakistan super easy!

Glossy, matte, and semi-matte lipsticks are all available at Medora. Medora lipsticks stand out due to its intense color payoff, lengthy wear time, and lack of stickiness. One of the best things about these lip stains is that they come in a wide range of colors and are reasonably priced. In Pakistan, beauty bloggers claim that Medora lipsticks are on par with those of the illustrious Mac range. It is amongst the oldest and well reputed Cosmetics Brands in Pakistan.

Masarrat Misbah

Makeup artist Masarrat Misbah is well-known all over the world, and her silk foundations are a mainstay of her successful cosmetics brand of the same name. Masarrat Misbah is a cosmetics range that includes products for your face, eyes, cheeks, and lips. She’s managed to win over Asian customers by offering the highest quality cosmetics Pakistan has to offer, even though her product is costlier than the competition.

Massarat Misbah’s Silk Foundation is a best-seller. Due to its satin matte finish, which does not affect the skin’s natural look, it is ideal for persons with normal to dry skin. Priced at around $18 (Rs 2,700), it’s a fair deal and lives up to its billing. Masarrat has done a wonderful job at modifying her cosmetics for the Asian skin tones and climatic conditions of Pakistan.

MK Cosmetics

Women in Pakistan, like women everywhere else, put a premium on looking and feeling their best, and MK Cosmetics recognizes this. Furthermore, they understand that MK Cosmetics is crucial to any self-care regimen. MK Cosmetics, based in Pakistan, is one of our favourite Kashees makeup price in Pakistan because of the innovative work they’ve done in the cosmetics industry by expanding the availability of skin care and organic hair products. MK Cosmetics is a leading cosmetics brand in Pakistan because it provides clients with a wide selection of products as well as convenient bundles tailored to their specific needs (such as the Acne Deal, Brightening Pack, Haircare Pack, and more). Online Cosmetics Shopping in Pakistan is now the favorite thing of Pakistani ladies!

Beautify by Amna

Among Pakistani women, “Beautify by Amna” is a household brand because to the Cosmetics Pakistan company’s wide range of high-quality, affordably priced cosmetics and skincare products (such as serums, night creams, face cleansers, face masks, and more). Makeup from the Night Queen, Florence, and Empress Collections from Beautify by Amna gives Pakistanis another cause to be proud of their country’s achievements. It’s recommended that you visit Beautify by Amna, a well-liked online cosmetics store in Pakistan, to restock on all of your favourite skincare and beauty products. kashee makeup kit price in pakistan is now defined by brands like these.

WB by Hemani

Another brand of Cosmetics Pakistan, WB by Hemani provides everything you could possibly need if you’re looking for celebrity-endorsed makeup. The WB Hemani online shop provides a broad selection of high-quality goods at affordable costs, including herbal foundation and products for your health, skin, hair, bath, body, and sense of smell, making it the finest location to purchase cosmetics in Pakistan. It is also a quite common Cosmetics Brands in Pakistan.

Parting Thoughts

There is no noticeable price or quality difference between Western and Pakistani cosmetics and makeup brands. These companies provide skin care products that are affordable without sacrificing quality or safety. The best part about purchasing locally created cosmetics is the possibility of obtaining premium products at rock-bottom prices.

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