Tips To Make Your Stomach Healthy And Happy

Tips To Make Your Stomach Healthy And HappyMany people keep asking themselves ‘why is the health of the stomach so important and necessary?’ That is not the only question they have in mind. There are plenty others like what are the best foods to keep the gut healthy, how to speed up digestion, tips to make your stomach healthy, how to improve digestive system home remedies, easily digested foods list, what helps digestion after eating and which foods contain probiotics that can be highly beneficial for the tummy.

You need to know that it’s not just about the food that you eat. Your choice of lifestyle also plays a pivotal role in affecting the stomach greatly. How the gut will digest whatever you’re eating is directly linked to these two factors. They go side by side. So, if you want to know how to speed up the digestion process or which tips to make your stomach healthy are associated with how you maintain your lifestyle and how healthy you eat.

But that’s not just all. You need to exercise regularly, add fiber and probiotics to your diet and drink lots of water too. Bio Complete 3 is one such supplement that contains a potent blend of probiotics, prebiotics, and postbiotics that helps improve metabolism, digestion and reduce cravings. Perhaps this could be a great way how to improve the digestive system home remedies.

Why Is The Digestive System That Important To The Body?

Digestive SystemBefore we go into why the digestive system is essential, we want you to know that the internet is full of tips to make your stomach healthy. It’s best you check out all the best tips to make your stomach healthy so that you don’t miss out on any if we are not able to enlist them here.

Whatever you eat goes down to the digestive system where it’s broken down. The digestive system breaks down the food you’ve eaten into nutrients that are provided to the body as per requirement. You should, in this regard know, how to speed up digestion. But when the digestive system’s health is ignored, it can lead to many problems including it not being able to break down the way it’s supposed to. Moreover, absorbing the nutrients could be a different and challenging thing. Looking up for tips to make your stomach healthy is essential in this regard.

In saying that, not to neglect the health of the tummy, you are to add make easily digested foods list that is full of probiotics, that will help to speed up digestion. Also, you should know what helps digestion after eating so you can take up those. It’s best you should gather the best tips to make your stomach healthy.

Best Exercises for Stomach

  • Crunches
  • Twist crunches
  • Side crunch
  • Reverse crunch
  • Vertical leg crunch
  • Bicycle exercise
  • Lunge twist
  • Rolling plank exercise
  • The stomach vacuum
  • Captain’s chair
  • Bending side to side
  • Walking
  • Running Jogging
  • Cycling
  • Swimming

Exercies to keep stomach healthy



The Healthy Digestive System – Also Important For The Mind And Body

It’s quite obvious that the digestion system has a key role to play when it comes to not only the body but the mind too. Well, surprise surprise! Yes, it is! The system contains microbes. These are key to affecting the body’s physiology. Not just that, it helps the mind and body to function as they both should. How about you add this to the list of tips to make your stomach healthy.

What Do Studies Say Regarding Microbes?

MicrobesWell, studies have it that the microbes that quite essential when it comes to the way the body stores fat, balancing glucose levels in the blood, and how it responds to those hormones which are essential in making you feel hungry or satisfied. If there is a wrong mix of these microbes, it can set the stage for other problems like obesity and many other that can alter the life later on.

There are also studies stating that the bacteria in the stomach produce neurotransmitters. These are great for regulating the mood. There is a nervous system in the stomach communicating with the brain.

Now, these factors explain that the health of the human body, in particular, the brain is reliant on the gut system being healthy.

Easily Digested Foods List

There are some foods you can find in the market that will help in the digestion process. We have compiled all the easily digested foods list for your ease. Take a look and see what you think.


Homemade sauerkraut with cumin in a glass jarThis fermented cabbage, also known as sauerkraut, is a vegetable with a very distinct taste. The veggie is a German cuisine staple but is easily available in health stores and supermarket. However, you can grow at home too. This super-nutrient veggie, when grown at home, provides all the nutritional values the system needs to regulate effectively. Now that you’re wondering how to improve digestive system home remedies that will work, this is one you can do within the home if you grow it too. Rich in vitamin B, this veggie will help the body easily absorb iron.


Use Kimchi to make stomach healthyThe kimchi is the Korean version and alternate to sauerkraut. It is made with a number of ingredients and flavours/spices. Though the product is available in the market, however, a plant-based can also be bought. This way, you can grow the kimchi at home. Studies have proven that kimchi contains high levels of probiotics. Similarly, this ingredient fuels gut excellently. There are many other benefits of eating kimchi but helping the gut system is one we’re after here for now.


use kefir to keep stomach happyWe cannot begin to explain the benefits of Kefir. This product is super rich in probiotics. And when we say super, we mean SUPERRICH. You will not find any other product on planet earth that has this much amounts of probiotics as Kefir does. You should add this to your list of tips to make your stomach healthy. Not only is it a top ingredient in the easily digested foods list but also the best when you’re looking for an answer on how to improve digestive system home remedies.

Though a daily product, however, it has water-based and coconut-based counterparts. The product in itself is high in nutritional value, but the counterparts even better.


Use Miso Paste to Make Stomach HappyThis soy paste can be used in the kitchen for many purposes. The Miso is rich in good bacteria. These bacteria can help lower blood pressure and also prevent cancer. However, its best you buy the organic miso and not the other one which is slightly modified.



How About Adding Greens To Your Diet

Some greens can also be added to the easily digested foods list. When you think how to speed up digestion or what helps digestion after eating then adding these can also be beneficial. These greens are great for the tummy. What else do you need then,

Let’s take a look at which these greens are;

Dandelion Greens

  • This green is super-healthy and super-friendly for the tummy. The veggie contains high levels of inulin which is rich in probiotics fibre. This fibre is highly beneficial in producing bacteria that is good for you.


  • We know, we know, you’re not a big fan of this veggie, but when you all the right things it does to your stomach, you’ll start having seconds thoughts about not liking it. The one question how to improve digestive system home remedies is answered with this one vegetable. It can significantly boost the intestines. So now are you wondering what helps digestion after eating.


  • This is another green rich in probiotics. And not to mention, they are delish as well. The veggie helps in reducing bloating and promotes regularity.

Use Greens To Make Stomach Healthy and Happy


What Other Foods You Can Add To The List?

In your tips to make your stomach healthy list, these foods should be added. They are great for the excellent health of your gut and also what helps digestion after eating.


  • Fruits

    Add bananas and apples to the easily digested foods list.

  • Fibre 

    How about whole grains, legumes, beans, veggies, and whole fruits. These are a specific solution to how to speed up digestion.

  • Fermented

    Let’s add Miso, kimchi, kefir, pickles, tempeh and sauerkraut to the list.

  • Greens

    Jicama, Jerusalem Artichoke and Flaxseeds in this category. For the ‘how to improve digestive system home remedies’, these can prove highly beneficial.

  • Others

    Adding gum Arabic and garlic to this list will also be helpful.

Use Foods for Healthy Stomach 

The foods that we’ve mentioned here are highly beneficial for the gut because they contain properties that will help boost up the system in many ways.

Keeping The Digestive System Clean

There are some foods containing fibre that will help cleanse the digestive system. Talk about tips to make your stomach healthy. The two types of fibrous foods – soluble and non-soluble foods.

There is a difference between the two foods. Each has its functions.

  • Soluble Foods

    The soluble foods help to lower down the LDL cholesterol and levels of blood glucose. The best soluble foods include vegetables, fruits, oatmeal and legumes.

  • Insoluble Foods

    While soluble food has different functioning, the insoluble will help to cleanse the digestive system. Kidney beans, grains, veggies, fruits are fall in this category.

So To Conclude

There is no doubt indeed that foods and a healthy lifestyle will help you maintain a better digestive system. We have already mentioned what helps digestion after eating, how to speed up digestion and also the best tips to make your stomach healthy. If you eat the foods mentioned, maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle, not only will your health increase, in particular, your digestive system will work effectively and efficiently.

Healthy and Happy Stomach


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