The Best Tips for Groom’s Makeup on Wedding Day

Groom's MakeupThere was a time when looking exceptional and having flawless skin was limited to women and female celebrities in particular. However, that’s not the case anymore. These days, you will find regular guys wishing for the same.
They also want to look vibrant and perfect on events and special occasions. This ‘looking good’ desire isn’t limited to events only. They want the same in their day to day life as well.
Men these days, in this regard, are super conscious about their appearance when getting married. On their big day, they want that perfect look that will ‘wow’ everyone around them.
Watch out, ladies! The competition is getting tougher by the day. Your guy is also in the race to look as pretty as a picture-perfect. Here we will discuss the best tips for the groom’s makeup on the wedding day.

Conscious Men On Their Wedding

These days, men are far more conscious about being perfect in every regard. They want their outfit and makeup to be accurate. This wasn’t the scenario a few years back.
However, guys are really on board with the concept of looking great, especially on their dream day when they tie the knot with their sweetheart.
So, if you’re one of those men looking for Tips for Groom’s Makeup on Wedding Day, look no further. You’ve landed at the right place. Here you will find the best groom makeup for wedding tips. We know that bridal makeup is super common, and finding out tips for this factor may not be as important.
But for men, the groom’s wedding hair and makeup have to be as equally important, and for that, let’s focus on the most effective and easy Tips for Groom’s Makeup on Wedding Day.
Yes, yes, ladies! It’s not just you who will take countless trips to the parlour and salons before the big day and on the right before the event too for your elegantly exceptional bridal makeup. Just as much as you want to doll up for your wedding, grooms wish to, too. They’re not far behind in this race. They also get hair styling, facials and make-up for the wedding day.

Groom's Makeup on Wedding Day

Review of Kenneth Charles Williams

We don’t mind. After all, it’s their big day.
Remember what Kenneth Charles Williams said ‘grooming is essential for everyone’. Having the hair did, the makeup and other similar things will probably make them feel great.’ Probably got this idea while attending a Desi wedding and seeing the groom all groomed up.

Let’s start the fun then? We have heard and seen a lot about bridal makeup, its time to get familiar with a groom makeup kit, groom makeup techniques, ideas for groom makeup for wedding, wedding hair and makeup, and of course, tips for groom’s makeup on the wedding day that are effective and highly used.

Tips For Groom’s Makeup On Wedding Day

Let’s have a look at some of the most useful tips to help all ‘to be’ grooms out there. We’re here to assist you in looking like the perfect match made in Heaven.

  1. Go Easy On the Chemicals

Fairness CreamFairness creams are not meant for your delicate skin. These creams are nothing more than a farce. These additional products should be kept miles away from your dresser.

It’s not essential to have a light tone skin. What’s important here is that you have healthy-looking skin. The glow, also, should be healthy and shining.

The first order of the day is to abandon these chemicals and go natural.

  1. Be As Gentle

Be As GentleWe know it’s a guy’s face. However, that doesn’t mean you go on scrubbing it way too hard and harshly. Forget about the ‘sakht launda’ (tough guy) thingy and be gentle; as gentle as possible.

You need to learn how to be gentle. Gently scrub the skin, gently pat dry the face. That’s what you need to do with you.

  1. Natural Exfoliations Are the Best

Natural ExfoliationsInstead of using over the counter scrubs, it’s best you go natural. That product might as well contain chemicals. However, when you use natural ingredients from home like milk, BESAN (Gram Flour), baking soda, honey, lemon, tomato etc. you will get different results.

Use them daily, and there’s no harm in using those. But for crying’ out loud, ditch those fully loaded chemical products you’ve stuffed your dressers with.

There are countless tips over the internet to make the skin soft and smooth with home ingredients. Best you go for those. Go natural all the way.

  1. Natural Remedies for Tan Removal

Tan RemovalYou’ve got a tan? No need to worry about it. You can get rid of it with the use of remedies that involve the use of natural ingredients only.

You can form a paste of tomato juice and curd and apply on the face and hands, or all those visible parts of the body where it’s tanned. This will help effectively get rid of it.

Other days for this technique are ideal and mainly suitable.

If you’re about to get married, make sure you start this at least a couple of months before the big day.

  1. Use Moisturizers

MoisturizersYou need to keep the skin moisturized, just like women.

However, they also emphasize on using all-natural ingredients or products like milk, curd, lemon, honey, banana for this purpose.

Guys can also do the same. But for those hairy guys, avoid the banana. The banana can stick to hair strands and hurt while coming off at times.

After every shower, you can use a natural moisturizer. Which brings me to my next point. Since you need to moisturize every day, do take a shower daily too.

  1. Facials

FacialsNow, this is one of those methods women adopt a lot.

At a couple of months before the wedding, you can go for a natural fruit facial. Do it every two weeks before your event. You can also apply a mask.

However, there is one thing you need to ensure. Getting a facial at least two days before your wedding. But not after that.

  1. Hair Care

Hair CareIt is getting super polluted out there. You need to protect the hair big times from pollution.

Wear a bandana, hat or a helmet.

You can also try oiling the hair every once or twice a week. Applying natural ingredients will also be useful.

Conditioner after the shampoo is also high. But don’t go overboard with this method. Best you use it twice a week as well. But yes, again, shower daily.

  1. Protection from the Sun

Protection From the SunWhen you go out in the sun, wear shades. Also, using a sunscreen is very beneficial.

You see, exposing your skin every day to the harmful rays of the sun can be highly dangerous at times.

You need to avoid the sun at all cost and prevent getting tanned any further than you already are.

  1. Getting a Timely Haircut


Timely HaircutWedding hair and makeup tips should include you getting a modern haircut. It should be a month before your wedding, at the least.

This is a very important tip. Its never too good to experiment with the hair, especially with such a crucial time is approaching.

You seriously don’t want a photo album etched full of disasters.

  1. Self-Grooming



The beard and moustache need to be well in shape and well-groomed.

Again, not the things to be experimented with.

  1. Too Much Water Can Also Be Bad



We know keeping you clean and tidy is important, but don’t go overboard with the whole showering thing. Excessive water can lead to dryness or hair fall.

  1. Going to the Spa On Time



Before the wedding, a couple of months prior, you need regular visits to the spa. Say, every two weeks.

  1. Eating Right

Eating RightMany of you will start eating less before the wedding.

Here’s what you do wrong. It’s not about eating less but eating right. You can eat as you do in regular days. But you need to make sure whatever you’re eating is healthy and right for you and the body.

Remember that the skin is also an organ that needs certain foods for looking healthy and shiny. For you to look healthy from the outside, your inside must be equally as healthy.

Start a healthy pre-wedding skincare regime and include these foods as part of it;

  • Supplements – Omega3
  • Consuming edibles that contain antioxidants.
  • Increase your intake of fruits and veggies.
  • Cut back on caffeine as much.
  • Include in your diet vitamins that boost collagen.

Tips for Groom’s Makeup on Wedding Day

We’ve talked a lot about all those tips that are essential for the groom before the wedding.

Now, how about we place all our energy and focus on the best groom makeup, the techniques for groom makeup for the wedding and which are the ideal wedding hair and makeup.

The above tips did not involve any groom makeup or Tips for Groom’s Makeup On Wedding Day. However, this section will.

Both sections are equally important if you want to look at that ‘perfect match’ for your beautiful bride.

  1. Treating With Ice

Treating With Ice


When you wash the face, you should use an ice pack. This helps to close all the opened pores that can lead to the skin looking oily or sweaty.

  1. Primer



Remember, primer is key to applying the perfect makeup. When you put on makeup, it’s not just one layer but many. Therefore, you need to apply primer first to help the layers hold on throughout the event.

  1. Foundation for the Skin Tone

Foundation for the Skin ToneAlways buy a foundation that matches perfectly with the tone of your skin. Also, get a foundation following your skin type. Buy a foundation that is meant for oily skin if you have that type and likewise.

For those who have oily skin can go for a water-based foundation. For those with dry skin can get a cream-based foundation.

It has to be a perfect match. Not a shade lighter or darker.

  1. No Room for Those Faux Pas

Faux Pas


When you apply the foundation and concealer on your face, make sure there are no residues left on the moustache, eye-brows, beard, lashes etc. In short, it should be a perfect blend so that there is no product you can see sticking to the facial hair.

  1. Concealer





Concealer is always to be applied before you put on the foundation.

  1. Final Touches

golden glow




If you need a skin that is perfect and photogenic for the pictures, you can go for a finish that gives a light golden glow.

  1. Use a Hair Gel

Hair GelIt’s your wedding. You need to have a hair gel and the best from the lot.

Set your hair with that, but again, DO NOT go overboard with it. Let some parts of the hair look as natural for a natural flow.

  1. Clean and Tidy Wedding Outfit

Clean and Tidy Wedding OutfitWhen you need to put on your suit and makeup too, you should wear the suit first.

When you put your wedding dress later on after the application of your groom makeup for the wedding, you can rub a smudge or two on the outfit.

At the same time, when you’re applying makeup, make sure you have a towel or piece of cloth wrapped around you. The makeup can get smeared all over the dress or collars in particular.

You need to tidy and clean wedding dress for the event, not something full of smudges.

  1. Lips That Look Supple

Lips That Look SuppleYou need the lips to be moisturized throughout the day. You can either take a chapstick along with you to keep doing that. Or apply it right before the event. If it has a slight colour, that will look even better. But when you apply that, pressing the lips on a piece of tissue will be okay.

Where We Land

Now you know that it’s not just about bridal makeup anymore. Groom makeup is also a thing of today.

We have now equipped you with the most effective and best groom makeup for wedding tips. However, you are welcome to try anything else you come across too as long as it sounds reasonable.

The key is doing it entirely right. Tips for Groom’s Makeup on Wedding Day not only involve you applying something on the face, but it’s also about getting enough sleep before the big day and not stressing you out enough so that it can be seen on your event.

If you’re stressed or sleepless before the wedding, remember no groom makeup for the wedding will be able to hide it.

Drinking lots of water to keep you hydrated is essential and among useful Tips for Groom’s Makeup on Wedding Day. Hydrated skin will speak for itself when you apply the groom makeup.


Groom's Makeup on his Wedding Day

Final Words

A happy glow is what will matter in the end. Therefore, try these Tips for Groom’s Makeup on Wedding Day to look the best on your big day. Stand up tall and happy along with your beautiful bride as she also has her elegant bridal makeup on.

We have tried our best to list down the best groom makeup kit you can find in the market, the groom makeup remedies, groom makeup for the wedding day itself and wedding hair and makeup tips. Make the best use of these Tips for Groom’s Makeup on Wedding Day.

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