Time Management Guide for Beauticians: 8 Useful Suggestions

Beauticians are often thought of as some of the busiest people due to how much they have to take care of in their work.

A day in a beauty salon can end in an instant, and you might not even notice that it is already getting dark while you still have a lot of things to take care of.

Sometimes, it is the sheer number of tasks that leave you in such a place. On the other hand, there are beauticians who have lackluster time management skills, which leads to problems.

To avoid potential issues and finish your work earlier than usual, you can create a better time management strategy.

Emphasis on Booking Automation

The first suggestion is to automate bookings. Appointments done on the phone are not always effective. A beautician who is busy might not be able to answer a call or respond to a text. Doing so can also interrupt one’s workflow.

Visiting a salon in person is also not the best option because you cannot guarantee that a beautician will be there.

One of the ways to minimize the problem is to use tools to automate appointments. Watalook, an appointment scheduling app, is a good example of a tool that can make client appointments hassle-free for beauticians.

No More Multitasking

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On the one hand, multitasking might seem like a method to save time, and suggesting otherwise feels counterintuitive. On the other hand, there have been studies to suggest that multitasking is a hindrance to one’s productivity.

As you take on multiple tasks at the same time, your attention gets divided. As such, you cannot concentrate on a single task and do it properly. Multitasking leads to mistakes, and if these mistakes snowball, you are left with more work and time that you need to dedicate to these tasks that appeared because of the mistakes you made.

Less Time on Procrastinations

Procrastination is common these days regardless of your job. Since we have access to smartphones, it is tempting to spend time on social media and other internet pages, even for a little bit.

You can lose track of time quite easily, and those few minutes spent on your smartphone could have been used to clean your workstation to prepare for the next client.

Getting out of the habit of procrastination is not easy, but if you notice that you spend too much time on work-unrelated things and waste it, do what you can to break out of doing that.

Help and Sharing Tasks

As soon as you get too much on your plate, seek help. In case you are the only person running things in the salon, hire an assistant or find a colleague.

There is only so much overwork you can take, and it will not be too long before you get burned from having too much on your plate.

Keep in mind that the help can come in other forms, not just from other beauticians. For example, if you have to take care of fiscal matters, hire an accountant and leave expenses and other numbers to them.

Interruption Management

Unforeseen interruptions are another example of how you can get into time issues with your work. Even though instances of interruptions are not that common in a beauty salon, they can still happen.

For example, someone might call you during an appointment, and if you answer the call, it might lead to a conversation you cannot afford to have because a client is waiting. But it is sometimes rude to hang up on someone because you pick up the phone. In some cases, it is better to leave the phone ringing.

Attention to the Clock

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As silly as it might sound, paying attention to the clock is also a good piece of advice. If you cannot fathom what hour it is because you are running around from one client to another or taking care of other things in the salon, try to keep track of time.

Ideally, you should have a clock on a wall that you can mount to make it visible. Someone might suggest wearing a wristwatch, but that is not ideal for a beautician because a wristwatch can get in the way of your work when you have to move your hands.

Regular Breaks

Taking breaks is not an option sometimes due to the workload, but ignoring rest is not great long-term, particularly when talking about your health.

You need to take a breather now and then to avoid burning out. Like already mentioned, if you have too many things to take care of, get help.

Not resting will leave you with less energy, and if you cannot carry out your tasks optimally, the work will suffer in quality.

Priorities and Preparations in Advance

The last suggestion in this article is about preparations and priorities. Some tasks are more important than others, and doing them first is a good approach, even though you might not be too keen to take care of certain matters.

As for preparations in advance, if you find yourself not doing anything on a Sunday evening, why not do some work stuff so that you have an easier Monday?

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