DNA Test: The 5 Most Innovative Things Happening with DNA Test

The Most Innovative Things Happening with DNA Test, In 1953, the physicist Francis Crick and Biologist James Watson discovered that our body’s DNA molecules make a 3D double helix. However, the research over DNA goes back to the 1860s as per Nature Education.

DNA test

Today, a DNA test is used to discover and explore various innovative things in the human body. You can map your family tree, solve the ancient mysteries, lose weight, and even predict the future. But how does that happen, and where should you go for DNA testing? 

The test is performed after collecting the sample from your blood, saliva, or cheek swab. After that, the whole process of analyzing your DNA begins. You can order and find the best DNA test kits in the market. Let’s discuss some of the popular DNA test kits used for different DNA testing purposes.

Nebula Genomics – Best DNA Test Kit to Discover the Relatives and Ancestry

Nebula Genomics employs 30X Whole Genome Sequencing that decodes the patient’s DNA thoroughly. Compared to AncestryDNA and 23andMe, Nebula Genomics can report about 10,000 more data and DNA information. 

Also, Nebula Genomics has collaborated with FamilyTreeDNA, which offers excess to mtDNA and Y-DNA databases. The DNA test enables people to trace their maternal and paternal lines. The tracing provides them with discrete information about their ancestry and helps them find their relatives. 

DNAFit – Best DNA Test for Improving Health and Diet to Find Precise Exercise Plan

DNAFit can examine and evaluate the distinct genes associated with fitness and health to make a customized fitness and diet plan. The best part of this DNA testing is that it gives you accurate nutritional data to make your diet plan accordingly.

The testing plan includes a call with the dietician coach for thirty minutes and access to the meal planner app. 

Helix DNA – Best DNA Testing Kit to Learn about Diseases

Helix DNA provides access to both apps and DNA testing kits to examine different DNA parts. Helix DNA testing performs whole genome sequencing, which sequences the non-coding areas of mitochondrial DNA. The disease-causing mutations are located in the exome, which is a code for protein. 

The Helix DNA has collaborated with the best medical centre, Mayo Clinic, for accurate reporting and testing. 

23andMe – Best DNA Test Kit for Contributing and Participating in New Discoveries and Research

23andMe has been in the news for a long time as the first company to employ direct-to-consumer DNA testing. It allows the customers to have accurate genetic information without any requirement of medical consultation. Now, more than 10 million people are using 23andMe for ancestry exploration.

23andMe uses autosomal, mtDNA, and Y-DNA testing. 23nadMe offers three DNA tests which include ancestry discovery. 

Invitae – Best DNA Test Kit to Predict Drug Side Effects and Clinical Disease Diagnostic

Being a medical genetics company, Invitae offers various diagnostic tests for rare disorders, reproductive health, heart disease, and cancer. The test can be performed on behalf of the patient by a clinician or by the patient itself. 

To analyze the DNA, Invitae uses exome analysis to capture the coding gene variants and Full-gene sequencing to inspect the genome’s crucial regions clinically. Moreover, the company provides genetic counselling, and it also accepts most health insurance plans.  

Final Thoughts

DNA testing has become more popular now than it was previously. The best and most innovative part of a DNA test is that you can perform it at an affordable cost in your home. Apart from exploring ancestry, DNA testing also offers health-related testing. So, if you want to learn about your maternal and paternal lines, DNA testing kits are your ultimate solution. 

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