The Best Tips for Homemade Tomato Facial – Make Your Skin Soft

Tomato FacialLooking for the best tips for homemade tomato facial? Come to the right place. It may be a red, juicy, tangy delight but it’s packed with goodness and health benefits. The humble tomato offers but more than that. You can use it for rubbing tomato on the face every day or maybe applying tomato on face overnight or you need a tomato face pack for pimples. The benefits are countless for the skin too. It will leave the skin supple and soft and glowing. But note that the best tips for homemade tomato facial will help you get skin like never before in a very short time.

It has some of the most amazing acidic properties to replenish the skin, boost its health and flush all those excessive oils out. So we bring to you amazing remedies using this humble ingredient in the form of the best tips for homemade tomato face packs.

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Tomato Face Pack

So are you ready to give your skin a makeover?

The Best Tips For Homemade Tomato Facial

Tomato & Cucumber Mask

Tomato & CucumberHere is a remedy of cucumber, tomato and honey for skin whitening that offers exceptional results. Mix two tablespoons cucumber paste and the juice of one tomato. Add a tablespoon of honey to that mixture and form a paste. You can now spread this mixture on your face and keep it there for 20 minutes. It’s best to rinse with lukewarm water. The hydrating properties cucumber has as well as soothing will relax the skin. It also helps in removing those excessive oils from the face and help you in retaining your natural oils. For those with oily skin, this is your cucumber, tomato and honey for skin whitening remedy.

Tomato & Olive Oil Mask

Tomato & Olive Oil MaskAmong the many great moisturizers is olive oil. But when you mix it in tomato paste, that makes olive oil and its effectiveness even better. Squeeze the juice out of a medium-sized tomato and mix a tablespoon of olive oil in it. This mixture should be applied on the face and leave for nearly 20 minutes. Or you can let it dry. It’s best you don’t use cold water to wash the face. Dab some lukewarm water and massage the face in circular motions. Your skin will be soft, supple and moisturized all at the same time. So if you are one of those with dry skin, this is the best remedy for you.

Tomato Pulp Mask

Tomato Pulp MaskIf you are tired of suntan, then using the pulp of tomato is the best remedy to removing it. Also, those who have open pores can also benefit from this.

The easiest way, when pressed with time, is to mash potato into pulp which you can rub gently on the face in circular motions. But boil the potato first. Let the tomato sit on the face till it dries. In fact, if you wish to, adding a tablespoon of milk to the mixture is also helpful. Just let it remain on the face for 10 minutes and then wash it off with cold water. This tomato and milk for face can do wonders in just days. Highly beneficial when trying to remove suntan.

Doing this tomato and milk for face regularly will definitely help in removing that tan to the best.

Tomato With Lemon & Yogurt Mask

Tomato With Lemon & Yoghurt MaskThinking of beating pollution? Why not do so with the goodness and yumminess this red delight. But to make it better, combining it with yoghurt and lemon will make a great face mask that you apply for bright, shiny skin. This tomato and curd for face whitening have some amazing results. Squeeze the life out of a tomato and add a couple of teaspoons lemon juice and some fresh, plain yoghurt to it. Mix these ingredients to form a paste type which you need to apply on the face. Wash off using water that is lukewarm. But make sure you leave it for about 15-20 minutes before you wash the face. These ingredients have amazing bleaching properties. Glowing and shiny skin is ensured with this really effective tomato and curd for face whitening mask.

Tomato & Oatmeal Mask

Tomato & Oatmeal MaskWhen the talk of exfoliation comes up, the first thought that comes to mind is oatmeal. This is a remedy where you will need oatmeal and tomato pulp to create a face pack. Take a couple of tablespoons oatmeal that should be powdered and in coarse form and a couple of tablespoons tomato pulp. Mix the two ingredients. If you desire, adding cucumber pulp to this mixture is also an option. After the application of this mixture on the face, let it sit there for 15 minutes. After the intended time, rub in circular motions for a few minutes then wash it off. Make sure you use lukewarm water.

Well, You Are All Ready To Say Hello To Supple And Soft Skin

Supple And Soft SkinSo now you know The Best Tips for Homemade Tomato Facial. You can use the mentioned tomato face pack for skin whitening on a regular basis. Get glowing skin within no time using amazing tomato mask for skin whitening for soft, supple skin. Applying tomato on face overnight is also beneficial in many ways. So what are you waiting for? Make the most you can out of this red juicy delight.

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