The Best Tips For Dull Skin – Homemade Remedies That Work

Tips For Dull SkinIt’s perhaps everyone’s dream to have bright, clear and flawless skin and not just the girls. Along with trying to find causes of dull skin tone, they also search for questions like ‘my skin looks dull and tired, dull skin and dark circles, how to rejuvenate dull skin, face pack for dull skin, or my skin looks tired and old’. They try everything in their means to get their hands on the best tips for dull skin.

In this piece of article, we share the best tips for dull skin. Read them and try them to get bright, shiny and youthful skin at home.

The Best Tips For Dull Skin

If you ever wondered the causes of dull skin tone, then probably you have searched on the internet for queries like ‘my skin looks dull and tired, dull skin and dark circles, how to rejuvenate dull skin, face pack for dull skin, or my skin looks tired and old’. Well, the good news is there is nothing to fret about because the best tips for dull skin are lined up in this article. You will see the dull skin before and after effects yourself once you start trying these best tips for dull skin.

Lemon Remedy

Lemon RemedyLemon can help greatly in improving the skin’s complexion and brightening it. It has a lot of agents that can help the skin in many ways. You will need to the juice of a couple of lemons. Take some cotton pads that are sterile and dip in the juice, squeeze a bit to get rid of excessive lemon juice and apply gently on the face. But be wary that lemon juice can cause burning or stinging. So apply on a smaller part prior to check the reaction.

Once you have applied the lemon juice then leave it for 15-20 minutes. Once or twice a week will be fine but be cautious and don’t overdo things.

Honey Remedy

Honey RemedyHoney is another one of those ingredients that help greatly in reducing pigmentation. It allows for the skin to look brighter, clearer and shinier. It offers a rather supple look to the skin which is one of the best you can get.

A tablespoon of honey and one lemon juice is what you need for this remedy. Mix both ingredients in a container and leave it on the face for about 15 minutes. Thoroughly rinse with water. For best results, try the remedy twice a week.

There’s just one thing to be cautious of. The lemon juice can cause burning or stinging sensation on the skin. Before you apply this pack on the face, you can try a small patch to ensure nothing will go wrong.

Chocolate Mask Remedy

Chocolate Mask RemedyMade out of cocoa beans, the chocolate contains antioxidant properties helping in the neutralization of oxidative stress. This ingredient is highly beneficial in the reduction of the dullness of the skin and also levels down the deterioration.

You can take a tablespoon of milk, a couple of drops of honey and ¼ cup melted chocolate. Preferably dark chocolate. Once you have carefully melted the chocolate, gradually add the milk and honey to it and stir to mix well. Let this face pack cool down before you apply it to the face and neck. Once you are done with the application, leave the mixture on for 20 minutes and then wash away with water. Once every week will be enough to give you results.

Walnut Scrub Remedy

Walnut Scrub RemedyUsing walnuts is also very beneficial because this ingredient to helps to provide the skin with the shiny, bright and glowing look you are after.

Take a cup f yoghurt and a few walnuts in crushed form. You can use a grinder to crush those walnuts. Add these walnuts to the yoghurt and mix well. Apply the scrub type pack on the face and neck and let it sit for nearly 20 minutes. Wash the pack with water after the intended time. Doing this once every week will produce favourable results.

Yoghurt Remedy

Yoghurt RemedyYou will find the extensive use of yoghurt in a number of traditional medicine which can treat conditions related to the skin. There are many beneficial ingredients in yoghurt that help in brightening up the dull skin and reduce pigmentation.

For this remedy, take a tablespoon of honey and ½ cup yoghurt and mix the two. Apply this mixture on to the face and neck. Leave the mask on for about 15 minutes before washing it off. For results, do this at least twice every week.

Cucumber Remedy

Cucumber RemedyIf you are looking for something that is rich in Vitamin C and many other bioactive compounds, then cucumber is your thing. The compound in this edible inhibits tyrosinase activity which reduces pigmentation and brightens up the dull skin.

Take a cucumber and a tablespoon of Aloe Vera gel. Cut the cucumber in half and put in a blender along with the gel. Blend the two ingredients to form a fine paste. Now apply this face pack on the face and leave for about 15 minutes. You can rinse with water. This is one of those masks that you should use once a week.

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