The Best Remedies For Gorgeous And Straightening Hair

Straight HairWondering what the best remedies for straightening hair are? Well, you ain’t gonna find them without doing nothing. But then again, you have most certainly landed at the right place where you might – well, you will – be able to get the best and most effective hair straightening ideas at home along with the best remedies for straightening hair.

But even before we jump there, let’s start from a different perspective. A large number of people, especially women, reach out for chemical products or straightening irons in order to get their hair straight as poker. But little do they know that this too much using of chemicals or chemicals can actually weaken the hair. This further leads to the hair being damaged, breakage and loss of hair too. So you need to find all the nature ways.

Probably wondering now how to straighten hair at home permanently and naturally, how to make hair straight and silky naturally or how to make curly hair straight naturally. Well, truthfully, there’s no point in fretting because you can find lots of natural hair straightening ideas at home. There are several healthier alternatives to coax the hair into any style of your liking. Then why use the products or chemicals that can harm your hair badly.

Why People Are Attracted To Straight Hair?

Gorgeous HairsWell, there’s no surprise to the fact that straight hair is sleek, pretty, stylish, convenient and dazzling. But most of the time, people use certain tools to get this type of hair which is never a good thing. In fact, this can be really bad for the hair.

As much as many wonder the best remedies for straightening hair, how to straighten hair at home permanently, how to make hair straight and silky naturally, how to make curly hair straight naturally, which are the best home remedies to relax hair, which hair straightening ideas at home to try, or how to straighten hair fast, none of these will be answered with a hair straightening tool or harsh chemicals that can simply damage them.

That being said, there are just so many natural ways to make the hair straight, once you start trying them, you will forget all about those tools and chemicals. In fact, these methods will help you get pin-straight hair. Believe me, you never would have gotten hair like this even with iron. Here’s the best part. No more too much hair loss and your hair will look better and healthier too.

Gorgeous and Straightening Hairs

The Best Remedies for Straightening Hair

Brushing Wet Hair

Brushing Wet HairAfter you’ve taken a shower, don’t tie your hair till its completely dry. But at the same time, you need to keep brushing your hair every 5 minutes. You can also pull out a section of your hair and hold it for a few seconds to allow it to straight. Doing this in front of a fan is also possible but then you will need to constantly brush the hair without any break.

Wrapping Up Tightly The Wet Hair

Tightly The Wet HairAfter a shower when the hair is still wet, you can divide it down. Center would be perfect for this. Now you need to comb the hair from the left all the way to the right. Wrap this portion around your head’s back and secure with bobby pins. Now do the same for right side. Now let the hair dry completely. Wrapping a silk scarf and sleeping on it will definitely reduce frizz.

Rolling The Hair

Rolling The HairIf you have a large hair roller around the house, use that. It should be at least the size of a soda can. Now with the help of this roller, you need to roll up sections of hair, still wet, and then secure each one of them against your head. After that you should let the hair dry up completely. Make sure to dry the hair because if any bit of moisture is left within the hair, it can cause a wave or curl to come back.

Using Hair Hands

Using Hair HandsWhile dividing the damp hair, make a couple low ponytails. You need to fasten each section with a soft hair band or elastic. Then add a few more bands or elastics every inch down your ponytail. You need to ensure that you don’t tie the elastics too tight. Otherwise they can leave a very noticeable mark on the hair. Sleep on it and loosen the hair in the morning to see the results yourself.

Now let’s have a look at some of the best remedies for straightening hair. These are for those who wish to know how to straighten hair at home permanently and in a natural way, how to make hair straight and silky naturally, how to make curly hair straight naturally, or how to straighten hair fast with natural ingredients.

The Coconut And Lemon Juice Remedy

Coconut And Lemon JuiceCoconut milk is very good for the hair as it provides nourishment to it and makes them soft. The ingredient consists of saturated fats that offers emollients. Also, coconut milk contains acids that aid in restoring the scalp’s acid-alkaline balance.

Take some coconut milk and add lemon juice in it. During shower, apply this to the hair first than rinse in the end. Lemon juice also has straightening properties. It also provides the hair luster.

Hot Oil Treatment Remedy

Hot Oil TreatmentIf you heat up the oil a bit, the hair will easily absorb it better. This will also make the hair straighter and smoother.

What you need to do it slightly heat up the oil and apply on your hair. After that, you need to damp up a towel in hot water, squeeze out all the water from it and then wrap this towel around your head. Keep the towel there for 5 minutes. After that, damp the towel again to repeat the process. Do it for about 3-4 times when you rinse the oil with a mild shampoo. Use a wide-toothed comb on the hair. Make sure to do this every twice a week.

Olive Oil And Eggs Remedy

Olive Oil And EggsThe hair also has natural oil. Its structure is somewhat similar to olive oil. The hair in the scalp thus helps in restoring the hair’s normal balance. Olive oil also contains Vitamin E and hydroxytyrosol. Both these are helpful in nourishing the hair.

You can mix two eggs with olive oil and apply on hair. Before you wash it, let it sit there for 20 minutes. In that time, wear a shower cap. Then wash.

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