The Best Beauty Tips Of Party Makeup For Men – 7 Expert Tips

Make UpBig party coming up? Wondering where to get the best beauty tips of party makeup for men. You have come to the right place for the purpose because here you will find male grooming makeup, men’s makeup for a wedding or subtle male makeup tips that will give you actual results.

Let’s find out what these tips can be? We are not saying how you need to apply men’s makeup for the wedding but what needs to be done exactly.


The Best Beauty Tips Of Party Makeup For Men

Tips Of Party Makeup For Men

We are sharing with you the expert opinions on the best beauty tips of party makeup for men. Read to find out.

Mix It Up

face creams or potionsAre you really into skincare? If yes, then you need not be afraid of mixing up your makeup with your face creams or potions. This is not me saying but an expert Nikki DeRoest who is a known makeup artist and gets models ready for a camera for giants like CK or Nike. He is also of the opinion that if you are trying to disguise something like heavy dark circles, ideally you should go for a light veil using a concealer and mix the product with an eye cream that is gel-based. This will give you a rather diluted formula that you can apply under the eyes.

Less Is More

Party Makeup For Men

Naturally, men have got stronger features than that of women. Therefore, when men apply makeup on their face, naturally it gives a more prominent and dramatic look. Professionals believe that you need to be light-handed in this regard if you wish to nail a look that is highly subtle. It’s best that you start the makeup with the least amount and then build it up from there as needed.


Blending And Blending Only

CC or BB creamWhen you use a CC or BB cream, it’s best you take a very little amount of it and gently and smoothly blend this into the skin. Keep doing so until the cream disappears. But here’s what the experts have to say about this. It’s pivotal that you use the right kind of product suitable to your skin type along with the colour of the cream. If the colour is right, you won’t need to blend that into the skin. The last thing anyone needs is getting their collar all stained with makeup marks.

Hiding The Signs Effective

bread brush to comb

Experts are of the view that its never a good idea getting BB/CC cream in the eyebrows, sideburns or the beard. This is one of the biggest tell-tale signs. Once you have applied any product on to the face, you need to use a bread brush to comb out any excess in there and also avoid build-ups.

Your Kit Should Be Simple

beauty blenders and makeup brushes

There is absolutely no point in having a haul of beauty blenders and makeup brushes. You can simply use your fingertip for the purpose. Just use it and blend in your products perfect. However, just make sure you are gentle and smooth while doing so. If there is any spot on the skin, applying a dot of your product over that area and tapping it gently and lightly into your skin with the use of your finger will do the trick for you. This is not our say but an expert.

Faking A Full Beard

good makeup artistEven for the most well-groomed men, you will ever see, having a patchy beard is like the Achilles heel for them. Mainly, it takes a very expensive transplant to add that definition and thickness. But here, we share with you a remedy that won’t cost you much. You can make use of an eyebrow pencil to fill in all those gaps that are causing the issue in the first place. However, it’s best that you avoid your facial hair’s top line. That area is liking to give a rather artificial look. So for the best looking natural male makeup look, avoid those areas. Once you are done with the pencil, its best to brush through the hair for a more natural finish.

Doing Prep Work For Pre-Makeup

patchy beardIf you visit a good makeup artist, the one thing they are going to do is preach you that taking caring of the skin of paramount. Especially if you are after that seamless ‘WTH! Are you wearing Makeup?!?!?!?’ natural male makeup. Experts are of the opinion that its best you first up to your skincare regime and game before you start investing in product heftily. If you have a good complexion, there won’t be any need for much makeup at all. Also, this allows you to get real natural and subtle male makeup results.

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