The Best Beauty Tips For Nails – Get Healthy Nails For A Neat Impression

Manicure At HomeIt doesn’t matter the kind of person you are, having healthy, shiny, perfectly neat and manicured nails is everything we all yearn for. From men to women of all ages, taking care of the nails is something religious that needs to be done as a ritual. If you miss that ritual, you’re done for. Its the same like this for these people who are crazy about their nails. If they don’t look after it the right way, the loose everything; all the efforts made to have the best looking nails. You can go to the salon for the perfect manicure and pedicure, or doing a manicure at home ritual is one way to start. Of course, the best beauty tips for nails are based on you keeping the best care of yourself.

Keeping this in mind, we gathered some of the best beauty tips for nails from the experts. Before sharing any tips, they told us exactly what needs to be done for the nails and how. But first, find out if you have healthy nails, to begin with. Here is how you can tell that;

Healthy Nails Signs      

Healthy NailsLet’s have a look at all those signs that indicate you have the best healthy nails;

  • Check out for the nail plates. They should be pinkish-white in colour.
  • You won’t see any cuticles as if they are existent.
  • The white tips and nails both are even lengths.
  • At the base of your nails, you will see a prominent white section in the shape of a half-moon.

Unhealthy Nails Signs

Know what healthy nails look like. Now let’s have a look at those that are the opposite of healthy. They should be something like;

  • Unhealthy NailsWhen nails peel or split, then its probably because of dryness or perhaps a result of some vitamin deficiency.
  • If your nails have horizontal grooves, its probably because of high fevers, stress, or fingers jamming.
  • When you bite your nails too often or paint them a little too much, then you can get teeny tiny white spots.
  • When your nails are spoon-shaped, then you need to know this is a sure sign of anaemia or iron deficiency.
  • When you bite cuticles or remove them, there can be skin around the nails that swollen and red.

Being concerned about the health of your nails is a good thing. You ought to see a dermatologist for that. But apart from that, there are some other things you can do too to your nails to make them look pretty. You see, the nails are the most prominent and visible parts on your body. So if there is any problem with them or your health, it can easily be detected.

The health part, you need to take care of by taking a balanced and nutritious diet. But there are certain other things like a manicure. Oh yes, you heard that right, you can always do a manicure at home to make your nails prettier than they already are.

Let’s Get Nails That Are Gorgeous For Summertime But Without The Use Of Any Nasty Chemicals

When you think manicure and pedicure, the first thought that comes to the mind is hitting the salon. But then again, you simply cannot go to the salon on a regular basis. This is a little too much to get those perfectly beautiful nails when you can do the same at home. How about arranging an at-home manicure service? Or doing manicure and pedicure at home, yourself.

All you need to do is blend in the following;

– A well-balanced diet;

– Good personal hygiene;

– A thoughtful and carefully regimented beauty therapy

If you follow these, you will have nails worthy of any salon. And the best part. You will get them at a fraction of a price, minus all those nasty chemicals.

It keeps getting better. We have lined up the best beauty tips for nails; best tips for pedicure and manicure for men and women in the very comforts of their homes. Let’s have a look at these the best beauty tips for nails.


Using Moisturizer:

Nails MoisturizerAs your first at-home manicure service and among one of the best beauty tips for nails, what you need to do is keep your nails moisturize, just like you would your hands. In fact, when you rub lotion onto your hands at any time of the day or night, you need to ensure that your work a bit of it on your nails and cuticles too. This is a manicure tip you need to list down. Why? Because you wash your hands far too many times during the day. Also, you use sanitizer a lot of times. This can literally dry out the bed of your nails along with your skin way too quickly. So its best you keep them moisturized. Probably doing it after every wash is ideal. Another thing you can use is rubbing coconut oil which is excellent for the nails and cuticles.

Don’t Use Harsh Polish:

toxin chemicals in nail polishThere are a lot of toxin chemicals in nail polish. You need to avoid using those. But then again, you don’t have to be all disappointed that now you can’t paint your nails because there are a few companies that don’t make use of harsh chemicals in their products. But as a word of advice, just read the label to be on the safe side. Another thing you can do – and of course add to your list of the best beauty tips for nails for a manicure – is used nail polishes that are water-based. Of course, they don’t last as long. But then, they won’t damage your nails as much.

Cuticles Care:

Cuticles CareWhen you have had a manicure done, you should at all times avoid cutting or trimming down your cuticles. If anything, you can moisten them up a bit and get rid of only the dead skin pieces. But don’t cut them down because this can lead to infections.

But for a manicure at home, what you can do is dab on a little almond or olive oil on your cuticles prior to any treatment received. This will reduce any effects that can be received from nail polish.

Alternate Options:

Alternate OptionIf you love nail polishes, we are not saying stop putting them on. You can use alternate options like seeking products with less number of chemicals in them. Like getting nail polishes and removers that don’t contain heaps of harsh toxins. You can grab a lot of options available in the market – but make sure to read label always – and take it to your next manicure and pedicure. And also, be sure that you have this noted down in the best beauty tips for nails booklet of yours.

The Buffing Option:

Nail BuffingNail paints are fancy, we get that. But make sure you don’t use much of them, for the best of your own nails. You can buff instead. It may not be as appealing or eye-catching, but still, it’s way better than any polish you have ever put on. In fact, buffing while getting a manicure at home or at the salon will simply go a long way, you’ll see. So make sure if you are getting at home manicure service, or you are doing manicure for men even, it’s the same. You need to trim the nails, file them and in the end buff them properly. You will be pleasantly surprised in the end.

A Nail-Strengthening Treatment Is What You Might Be Interested In:

This is one of those manicure and pedicure tips that will make your nails look incredibly awesome. Moreover, the best beauty tips for nails will simply strengthen your nails the way you need them to be. So try it

Take a couple of teaspoons castor oil, salt and one teaspoon wheat germ oil. Mix these oils well and keep it in a tightly sealed bottle. Each day, you can take a dash of this oil and dab on your nails and rub gently. Let this sit on your nails for about 3-5 minutes. Now don’t wash but wipe gently. See how this recipe strengthens your nails.

For your more beauty tips for nails, eating well and using the best nail polish remover that has the least amount of chemicals is the best way to get perfect nails.

Best Tips For Nails

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