The Benefit of Lemon Juice for 5 Health Problems

The Benefit of Lemon Juice for 5 Health Problems, There is no doubt that lemon is one of the healthiest products on this planet. Its properties are highly positive and beneficial, all this as a result of its composition: high levels of vitamins A, B1, B6, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, folic acid, pectin, bioflavonoids and others.

Benefit of Lemon Juice

The list of Benefit of Lemon Juice for Different health problems:

The benefit of Lemon Juice for Kidney stones

Kidneys are a sensitive part of the body that can quickly become affected by numerous diseases, and kidney stones are the most common problem. These stones are a result of too much salt contained in the urine and low levels of citrate. Lemons contain around 8% of citric acid and compensate for the lost stories in the kidneys. In such a manner, lemons prevent the stones from forming and offer better filtration. Consume around seven cups of water mixed with the content of half squeezed lemon juice. Additional sugar is not necessary unless you have a personal desire to use it.

Additionally, lower the daily salt intake and drink plenty of other fluids as well. The ideal salt intake per day is around 1.500 mg for people between the ages of 9-50. Consume the lemon juice daily.

The benefit of Lemon Juice for Arthritis

Uric acid has the habit of crystallizing in Sodium urate’s shape inside the tissues and thus causing arthritis. Lemon juice can act against inflammations of such origin and reduce the feeling of stiffness and relieve the pain. In one glass of water, squeeze half lemon juice and drink this once before breakfast, lunch, dinner and before you go to bed.

The benefit of Lemon Juice for Constipation

Constipation is unpleasant as it is, and the lack of fluids and fibres inside the organism or consuming too much dairy can cause this condition. Pour one tablespoon of lemon juice into one cup of lukewarm water. Add one tablespoon of honey and drink this beverage daily.

The benefit of Lemon Juice for Sensitive stomach

Bloating or stomach reactions to certain kinds of food are a common occurrence. Numerous causes can impair the digestive tract, and to prevent this, there is a simple solution. Mix the juice of half lemon and half a teaspoon of baking soda in one glass of water and drink it whenever facing a problem. The acidic substances in the lemon will calm the stomach, and the baking soda will get rid of all harmful bacteria.

The benefit of Lemon Juice for Sore throat

In the case of the flu or a cold, the throat can become seriously irritated, but the antibacterial characteristics of lemon help fight off infections and reduce inflammation. The lemon benefits the immune system, so try this easy recipe to cure it all. Squeeze one lemon into a cup, mix it with warm water and stir it well. Have this lemonade a couple of times throughout the day.

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