The 12 Best Fruits For Treating 12 Specific Conditions

The 12 Best Fruits For Treating 12 Specific Conditions (From cancer to kidney stones), Fruits have powerful medicinal properties, making them an excellent food to nourish and protect your body. Studies have shown that diets rich in fresh fruits serve as preventative and curative agents for myriad health complications, including cancer and heart diseases.

This article highlights some top fruits with their respective health benefits.

Fruits as Natural Treatments

Fruits Food For Lovely Skin

Grapefruit For Infection

Studies have shown that grapefruit seeds are effective in eradicating urinary tract infections and other drug-resistant infections.

Pineapple to fight Cancer

The enzyme bromelain in pineapples has proven to be more effective than chemotoxic agent 5-fluorouracil in destroying cancer. The video below shows how best to cut a pineapple and make fresh juice from it.

Watermelon Aids Hypertension

With its high amino acid content, watermelon helps blood vessels to dilate naturally, thereby reversing endothelial dysfunction and lowering blood pressure.

Cherries to Counter Inflammation and pain

The anthocyanins in cherries have been confirmed to be as effective as NSAID drugs in alleviating inflammation and pain.

Lemon to Cure Kidney Stones

When it comes to treating kidney stones, lemonade therapy has been proven to be an excellent remedy.

Papaya Alleviates Skin Ulcers

Topically applying unripe papaya fruit on chronic skin ulcers has proved to deliver positive results in patients 72% of the time.

Pomegranates to Rebalance Hormones

With their potent plant estrogens, which don’t affect your natural genetic, hormonal structure, pomegranates promote hormonal health in women.

Kiwifruit To Lower Cholesterol

When it comes to lowering cholesterol and boosting cardiovascular health, Kiwifruit extract has proven to be the real deal.

Cranberries To Cure UTI’s

When it comes to averting the recurrence of urinary tract infections, cranberries have been proven to be just as effective as trimethoprim.

Elderberry To Shorten The Flu

For a long time in history, elderberry has been used as a natural remedy for respiratory infections. According to a recent study, elderberries have great potential to prevent H1N1 disease.

Coconut To Relieve Gastric Ulcers

Coconut water and coconut milk have been proven to have anti-ulcerogenic properties against NSAID drug-induced erosion.

Strawberries To Prevent Heart Disease

The lipid profile of strawberries minimizes atherosclerosis and oxidative stress markers, making them highly beneficial for heart health. Likewise, strawberry extract relaxes the lining of the blood vessels, thereby reducing high blood pressure.

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