Get Flawless Skin with the Sugar Remedies for Face Beauty

Face BeautyMost of the time we use sugar, it’s to sweeten our desserts. But hey, let’s not limit the use of sugar here. Little did you know, sugar is an amazing ingredient that you can use to enhance your beauty. Never thought of that, did you? Well, yes there are just numerous benefits of applying sugar on face. In fact, you can find many Sugar Remedies for Face Beauty, tips of sugar for skin whitening, sugar scrub for face acne, sugar scrub for oily skin and homemade sugar scrub for psoriasis once you begin your search. It’s a sweetener not just for your desserts but also a great ingredient to soften your skin, freshening it up or exfoliating. The results will be something never seen before.

Here’s another great thing about sugar. It prevents the drying of skin. It acts like a nature and amazing moisturizer. Sugar can draw moisture from the environment and this way, it allows for the skin to stay hydrated. Sugar for skin whitening is the ultimate thing. So round up some of the most amazing sugar remedies for face beauty

A rich source of glycolic acid, sugar has the tendency to penetrate through the skin cells leaving you looking rejuvenated and fresh as ever. It gets better. You can easily make scrubs out of sugar at home and you can incorporate these in your daily or weekly beauty and rejuvenating regime.

Sugar Remedies For Face Beauty

For all those who are DIY fanatics, you have a complete book on all the amazing things salt and baking soda can do for your skin. Now its time you find out the tons of skin care benefits uses sweetener has for your face. In fact, sugar can be pretty amazing, useful ingredient helping you glow from your face all down to your toes. So let’s find out all the Sugar Remedies for Face Beauty.

Exfoliation And Softening Both At The Same Time

Exfoliation And SofteningTake a cup of brown sugar and mix it with a few bananas. This will create a sort of body scrub with amazing moisturizing properties. Though this scrub is going to smell all sweet, but you will have a lovely looking skin at the end after use. However, as far as the question of how to use sugar scrub on face goes, its pretty ease. Since this scrub has banana in it, this will be a sort of paste form which you can easily and gently rub on the face.

Something To Smooth The Lips

Smooth The LipsTake some granulated sugar and put in your finger which has a little water on it. You now need to apply this on your lips, gently rubbing in circular motions. This is the perfect exfoliation for your lips to make them smooth. A rather perfect and effective DIY Sugar Remedies for Face Beauty. Do this especially if you are experiencing flaky or dry lips.

The Perfect And Pretty Glow For The Entire Body

Glow For The Entire Body

You probably haven’t heard of sunless tanning because many of you might think that’s not even possible. But wait! It is. All you have to do is create a body scrub by mixing sugar with some oil (any) and work it on your entire body including your legs, arms, back, shoulders etc. Just do that and see the perfect glow.

Grimy Hands Cleansing

Grimy Hands CleansingBusy with some other DIY projects that have got dirt and grease all over your hands, and you are finding it really hard to get rid of it? Well, you can easily do so by adding some sugar to your soap. This is the best you can do to get rid of all that gunk that simply won’t come off without using any harsh chemicals.

Shave Those Legs The Smoothest You’ve Ever Had

dead skin on the legsYou can exfoliate all that dead skin on the legs before you shave. All you have to do is slightly wet some granulated brown sugar and gently apply on your legs in circular motion. After 5 minutes of rubbing and scrubbing, just wash it off. Now you are ready to shave those legs because what you have just done will allow the razor to get better and closer cuts. Here’s a good news for your guy too. Just tell him to do the same for his beard. Now that’s one of the most amazing Sugar Remedies for Face Beauty for guys.

Less Roughness On The Feet Area

Roughness On The Feet

Take some sugar and peppermint oil and mix the two together. You can now scrub this, while you shower, on to the bottom of your feet. This will help get rid of dryness and remove those dirty dead cells.

A Youthful Tip For The Hands

Tips For HandsIf you yearn to have hands that are fresh and youthful, then you need to take a cup of brown sugar and mix it with about 1/3 cup of olive oil. Add a capsule of vitamin E in it. This is the ultimate scrub to get hands that are simply gorgeous.

Now let’s have a look at some Sugar Remedies for Face Beauty, sugar for skin whitening, sugar scrub for face acne, sugar scrub for oily skin, and homemade sugar scrub for psoriasis that involve some other ingredients too other than just the sweet stuff itself. Like we said, benefits of applying sugar on face or anywhere else on the body has countless benefits. So let’s get to those.

The Sugar And Lemon Scrub

Sugar And Lemon ScrubThis is a magical sugar scrub for oily skin. Somehow, it can also be a wonderful sugar scrub for face acne. Just take juice of four limes and 2 spoons of sugar. Let the sugar dissolve, or you can let it be like that. Its your choice. Once done, you can rub this gently on the face and hands in circular motions. If you haven’t allowed for the sugar to dissolve complete, you can rub the granulates of sugar on the skin and let them disappear there. Wash once you are done. This can help get rid of dark spots and tanned skin.

The Sugar And Honey Scrub

Sugar And Honey Scrub


Take equal quantities of both ingredients and mix well. You can now use this scrub to get rid of all the dirt and remove all those dead skin layers. Get clear complexion within no time.

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