Skin Care Tips In The Winter Season – Homemade Tips

Skin Care Tips for MenSo winter is about to kick in, and all you want to know is the best skin care tips in the winter season. Well, for the good part, the internet is full of winter skin care tips for oily skin, tips for face peeling in winter homemade tips for glowing skin in winter, winter beauty tips, facial for the winter season and lots more. Along with that, you can find answers to how to take care of dry skin in winter or how to fix winter skin.

The winter season may be a time to have lots of fun, but when it comes to the skin, it’s not so fun. Since it can dry out the skin, you need to have skincare tips in the winter season with proven results.

Skin Care Tips In The Winter Season

We have compiled some amazing skin care tips in the winter season which you can try during the time to avoid getting dried out skin.

Wash With Lukewarm Water

Lukewarm WaterIts always a good feeling getting a how shower or bath during winters. But little do we know it can also dry out the skin. So, skin care tips in the winter season are you should not take hot baths that often. Its also best that whenever you get the time, you should try to wash the hands and face with lukewarm water. This will help you in retaining at least some of the many oils that are present in the skin.

Moisturize Immediately Afterwards

MoisturizingYou just washed your face, apply a moisturizer. So understand that it doesn’t just need a moisturizer at certain times. You need to hydrate it even after washing the face. It’s best to apply the moisturizer when the skin is still a bit damp. This will help in sealing the dampness deep into the skin. Keep these skincare tips in the winter season in check for the best results.

Choose Natural Moisturizer Carefully

Apply Natural MoisturizerYou need to be extra smart when choosing a good moisturizer for winters. There may be many over-the-counter products that are petroleum-based. These can dry out the skin even further. Remember that these are the times you need to know how to take care of dry skin in winter. So you have to be careful not to grab any of those for the season. Going natural is a good option. Try to look for products that consist of natural ingredients. The ingredients should be nourishing and healthy for the skin, especially during the season. This is how to fix winter skin.

You should think of getting oil-based products rather than focusing on water-based solutions for skin care tips in the winter season. It is more likely to help you and your skin retain the required moisture during winters.


ProtectYou need to protect your skin from the cold winds, snow, and rain when you are trying to figure out ways how to fix winter skin. Therefore, it’s best that you get used to wearing scarves, gloves, and socks during this time. You also need to apply sunscreen. Its one mistake that we make during the season, forgetting to apply sunscreen. Remember, just as the summer sun, the winter sun can be as equally damaging.


HumidifyFor amazing winter beauty tips, when the heating systems kick it, these tend to dry out all the air in the room. Therefore, it’s best that you think of installing a humidifier around the house, especially your bedroom. This will help to put back the much-needed moisture back in the air and also prevent your skin from getting dried too. And that’s how to fix winter skin.


DrinkDuring winter, a lot of us will not drink a lot of water when you are wondering how to take care of dry skin in winter. Instead, we turn to those hot drinks like tea and cocoa. But we forget that our skin needs hydration in those times too, from the inside out.  You can have a glass of slightly warm water with lemon. This can be very hydrating and refreshing both at the same time.

Overnight Moisturize

Apply MoisturizerThe hands, elbows, feet, and knees are those parts that are the driest. The reason being, these areas have thinner skin as a result of which this part tends to lose their moisture fairly easily and quicker than any other parts of the body. You should consider grabbing a deep moisturizer and slathering it overnight. You should wear cotton gloves and socks. This way, the moisture will seal in till the morning.


ExfoliateIn the winter, there are often times when we forget in helping out skin slough off all those dead cells. This includes the particular of the hands. And when the dead cells are plentiful, moisture won’t be able to get inside. Get your hands on an exfoliating mask and use it on both the hands and face. You can use it to gently exfoliate the lips too, but wash off immediately from the lips. After washing, immediately follow the routine with moisture to witness a truly smoother difference with these homemade tips for glowing skin in winter.

Hydrate Skin From The Inside Out

Hydrate SkinWinter skin care homemade tips, you should try to eat foods that are rich in water content. These are those homemade tips for glowing skin in winter. These will help greatly in keeping your skin hydrated from the inside out. You can include foods like cantaloupe, apples, watermelon, oranges, or kiwi in fruits. For watery veggies, you should eat cucumbers, tomatoes, celery, carrots, and zucchini.

You also need to make sure that you are getting Vitamin C and Zinc in enough amount. This helps in the production of healthy collagen and elastin. You also need to consider the intake of Omega-3 supplements, flaxseeds, or you should think of consuming more fatty fish. These will provide your skin with the required building blocks to make it appear smooth and supple.

Change Your Cleanser

Change Your CleanserThere are many cleansers that can make your skin dry as part of your winter beauty tips regime. Therefore, you need to switch your cleanser to one that contains all those ingredients that are moisturizing. But one thing you need to know is what type of skin you have. From dry to oily, there are many types of skin, and you need a product that goes well with it.

Once you have cleansed the skin, it’s highly recommended that you don’t leave your face skin naked for 30 seconds or more. If you do, your skin can get dehydrated which can lead to dryness. It’s best that you apply a hydrating toner right after cleansing and a moisturizer that will help in sealing the moisture.

Use DIY Masks

Use DIY MasksFor winter skin care homemade tips, try some DIY face packs. You need to get hold of some hydrating masks, but make sure they are homemade. These masks or facial for the winter season are able to offer the much-needed moisture, especially during the months of winter. You can also use ingredients that contain moisture like yogurt, olive, honey, jojoba oils, bananas, almond oil, avocado, and Aloe Vera. You can create a couple of ingredients together or maybe find some great face packs over the internet which contain one or two of these ingredients. Create a paste or a cream or maybe even facial for the winter season that you can apply on the face for amazing results. Keep your skin hydrated for a longer period.

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