Products you must-have for the perfect eye makeup

Eyes are windows to the soul. But if you’re attending a party, you need to do more than your usual makeup to make your eyes look bold and gorgeous.  Having a makeup kit full of beauty products is good, but many of them are not even used for years.

eye makeup

Herein, we are saving your time and efforts by sharing a list of products that are good enough for your eye makeup:

Kohl Pencil

One of the staple products for your eye makeup. A single stroke to define the eyes or a bold swipe to make your eyes look prettier and bigger than usual, Kohl does wonders. Look for kohl that gives a smudge-free look for hours.

Also, there are plenty of choices in colour beyond the quintessential black—blue, pink, green, etc. Pair it up with your dress for the evening.


This takes the beauty of your eyes to the next level.  They can be drawn both above and below the lashes. The basic purpose is to enhance the shape of the eyes and give an accent to your eyelash extensions.

Many people use eyeliner in place of Kajal pencil. Eyeliners are in different forms like gel, cream, and even the basic pencil. So, choose what works best for your eyes,

eye makeup


A must-have for the fuller eyes and an instant hit among girls and women both. A coat or two is sufficient to make your lashes stand out and get noticed.

Experts recommend using the dual approach. Apply one just for adding volume, from root to the tip, and other for accentuating the length of the lashes. This gives a voluminous look to your flare eyelash extensions but only if you are using the brush properly.  If the lashes look old and worn out after storing for months, an eyelash perming kit can help you get the perfect curls.

Eyebrow pencil

Your makeup is incomplete without shaping your brows. But that’s not easy and people take years to ace the art of filing the brows without looking gaudy. Choose a shade lighter than the original colour of your brows for a neat finish.

Eyeshadow palette

Another common product in your makeup kit. It’s multipurpose but often ignored.  From adding colour to filling the brows and even applying on cheeks, the colour palette is extremely useful. All you need is to learn how to use them right.

Nude shades are a popular choice for flattering eyes. They effortlessly go with all skin tones, just pick the right tone without going over the board. Also, the time of the party is important, a day event wouldn’t call for voluminous application but an evening party is all about glamming up, so you can go a step ahead, especially if its a family wedding.

From the bold blues, pink, purple to bronze, neutral brown and so much more, there is no dearth of trendiest colours in an eyeshadow palette.

Wrapping up

Decking up for a family wedding, anniversary, birthday, or a corporate event, eye makeup make or break the look. Tread the line carefully. And if you are a beginner, do not take the risk of spoiling your look and consult professionals.

From recommending the best products for your skin type and colour to applying eye makeup, you can get all the help you need from a makeup artist or a salon near you.



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