Paraphilic Disorders – A Comprehensive Guide

Paraphilic disorders are some of the most difficult disorders to treat therapists as it questions their morality and personal beliefs. The clients are prone to conduct highly unethical operations, which can also involve the legal authorities. Several law coursework writing services have ensured the publication of essays regarding these disorders to generate awareness. Some of the paraphilic disorders are discussed in detail below.

  1. Voyeuristic disorder: This is a highly unethical behavior conducted by the patient, which is why the therapist has to be patient and hold unconditional positive regard; otherwise, it will be difficult for them to treat the client. In this disorder, the patient has the urge to observe people getting naked, without their consent. This action is mostly observed in men and that too in public spaces that are controlled. The disorder cannot be diagnosed unless the person suffers from it for at least six months.
  2. Exhibitionist disorder: The person who is suffering from this disorder has the problem of exposing their private parts to a non-consenting individual. Fantasies and strong desires motivate these urges. However, the person is not doing it willingly at times as these urges are extremely uncontrollable. This causes severe impairment in daily functioning and strong reaction from the non-consenting party, understandably.
  3. Frotteurism: This is the disorder in which molestation case can easily be filed and put anyone behind bars. Although the cases are large in number, some patients genuinely suffer from this disorder. Here specifically, the patient has a strong urge to rub or touch a person to gauge sexual satisfaction. They need to be suffering from the symptoms for at least six months to be diagnosed with this problem. Furthermore, it cannot be justified as a conduct disorder or an effect of a drug.
  4. Sexual masochism disorder: The person suffering from this disorder gains pleasure from being humiliated or hurt during the act. They suffer from serious clinical impairment in daily life due to this strong desire and urge.
  5. Sexual sadism disorder: The opposite of the disorder described above is this one. Here, the person gets gratified by humiliating and causing pain to the other person during the act. It is usually a con-consenting person and causes significant distress in their daily life. It is believed that people with antisocial personalities are more inclined towards developing this disorder.
  6. Pedophilic disorder: This disorder usually occurs in males; however, the age varies everything. Here the person fantasies arousal by conducting activities with children. It may even occur in an individual who is of only 16 years of age themselves.
  7. Fetishistic disorder: A person who is suffering from this disease has a severe fetish to nonliving objects. They need to be having urges and desires for these objects for over six months.
  8. Transvestic disorder: Individuals who are aroused by the thought of cross-dressing possibly have this disorder. However, the problem should not be misdiagnosed as gender

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