12 Nuts Soak Before Eating

Nuts Soak Before Eating, When you soak nuts in water, you can easily remove their peels. Consider adding some salt in the water to neutralize the enzymes and eliminate tannins and dust residue.

The leftover water should not be reused as it may contain toxic substances. Nuts, such as grains, contain phytic acid, which forms part of their defence structure to keep away predators so that they can grow to maturity. Phytic acid undermines digestion, and this explains the presence of nut particles in the stool.

When soaked, nuts lose their phytic acid. Likewise, their enzyme inhibitors are neutralized. This means that their consumption promotes digestion in addition to boosting the absorption of vitamins and other nutrients. Nuts should be soaked for a given period, as outlined below:

Flour to Replace Wheat Nuts Soak

Nuts Soak Before Eating

  1. Macadamia – 4 hrs
  2. Cashew nuts – 6 hrs
  3. Flax seeds – 6 hrs
  4. Pumpkin seeds – 7 hrs
  5. Pine nuts – 8 hrs
  6. Walnuts – 8 hrs
  7. Pecans – 8 hrs
  8. Broccoli seeds 8 hrs.
  9. Hazelnuts – 8 hrs
  10. Alfalfa seeds – 12 hrs
  11. Almonds – 12 hrs
  12. Garbanzo beans – 12 to 48 hrs

For nuts that require over 8 hours of soaking, it is advisable to wash them and replace the water every 8 hours.

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