Male Manicure And Pedicure Tips – The Grooming Guide For Men

Manicure At HomeWondering if getting male manicure and pedicure would be too manly? Well, think again because it’s not.

Just like females, the whole world of men relies on their hands and feet. Which is why they need to have the best pedicure and manicure tips for men in their list of remedies and beauty regimes.

Male Manicure And Pedicure Tips

Wondering what a male manicure actually is exactly? To begin with, firstly we should clarify that manicure and pedicure are no longer restricted to ladies any more. Now, even the men get male manicure and pedicure as well. But know that professional salon male manicure prices are rather higher than if you try to do one at home. In saying that, men’s manicure salon is far more better and professional for you.

Often this is also asked how often should a man get a manicure. Well, it’s a simple thing. You need to keep the hands looking fresh, young and clean. So the more often and regular you do it, the better it will be. In saying that, don’t go about doing it every week. It’s ideal you get a manicure every month, or after two to say the least.

Now moving on to the manicure tips for men, these are mentioned below. Follow them as said, and you will be just fine.

Manicure and Pedicure Tips At Home

One of the keys is to soak the hands in lukewarm water before you begin the procedure. The skin will be smooth and soften up making everything far easier for you. This is the very first of the manicure tips for men.

Cutting The Nails

Manicure TipsTo make the procedure look like a completely professional one here’s manicure tips for men to begin with. Start with cutting your nails. Ideally, you should use a nail clipper for the purpose. Don’t clip more than the white part. Also, one clipper nail is preferable. If you leave any extra nails hanging around the edges, these can lead to discomfort. You should use a nail file to smooth down the edges. This will also make the nails look cleaner and healthier.

Filing The Edges

Manicure For MenNow with the help of a nail filer, gently start filing the edges of the nails to make them smooth. Start from one corner and gently and slowly end at the other. A few gentle rounds will make the nails smooth and create a neat looking shape. A nail filer will act like a tool that’s sanding those nails back. Once you feel the filer is getting in contact with the tip of your finger’s skin, you need to stop. It’s best to be gentle about it. Don’t try to rush, that’s the key here.

Cutting Those Pesky Extra Cuticles

Cuticles At HomeIf you are not aware of what a cuticle is, then the part of the nail that meets with the skin is known as the same. Get a cuticle clipper and rid of any extra cuticle on the fingernails. But be careful not to use the fingers. This can damage the cuticles or even worst, cause infection. Also, when you rip the cuticles, this can give a jagged look rather than a neat one.

Hydrating The Hands

Hydrating The HandsOnce you are done, rinse the hands and then apply natural hand cream or lotion. Make sure it’s for men in particular. Your skin will feel soft and smooth. Also, if you have dry skin, this will sooth it down.

This is one of those methods that is going to work just fine at home. Plus, you get to do this all at home at an affordable cost. But the work isn’t a lot either. Ideally, this home manicure is a lot cheaper as compared to male manicure prices you get at the salons.

But even then, we would recommend that you get at least once in your entire lifetime a professional manicure to feel royal and special. And as far as the concern for how often should a man get a manicure goes, its best to do it once every month.

Pedicure For Men – Doing It The Right Way

A pedicure is similar to a manicure, only one difference. You move a little south from the hands to the feet. Rest, it entails all those same features like taking care of the nails, smoothing down the cuticles, making the skin hydrated etc. Both male manicure and pedicure can be done professionally at a spa, or you have the freedom of doing it at home. The choice is entirely yours. But whatever you do, its best you know what you are doing.

A professional procedure may cost you a lot, but when done at home, its a bit cheaper. So let’s move on to just that.

Are you one of those on your feet all day long? It’s best that you consider getting a regular pedicure. Preferably every month. Trust us, if you do that, your feet are going to look, smell and a feel better than ever. When you get regular pedicures, these will help it removing those excessive dead cells on the skin and feet that make them look a bit ugly and unpleasing. Also, the sore spots will be reduced. Furthermore, a pedicure will help in removing and preventing the junky that’s formed around the nails.

Pedicure For Men

Pedicure At Home – Male Manicure And Pedicure Tips

But if you plan to do a pedicure at home, it’s best you grab a few things that are needed for a pedicure for men first. Rest, follow this guide and you will be just fine.

  • Take a large bucket or gather some lukewarm water in the bathtub and soak your feet in it for a while. After some time, the skin on your feet will soften. Now you can treat the feet properly and thoroughly. Its recommended that you add a body wash – ideally for men – in the water. But its best you use a product based on natural ingredients. This will help in creating that aromatic experience that will allow you to relax and calm down. Keep the feet in the water for nearly 5 minutes before you take them out.
  • Grab a good men’s foot scrub from the market that you can now use. You can also use foot filer. But make sure when you apply the scrub and use the foot filer, your feet need to be slightly wet. The foot filer is ideal in removing all the dead cells from the skin and feet. You should know this is a very important thing to do because when gunk accumulates on your feel, it aids in the growth of fungus and bacteria. One more thing this step will do is remove those calluses that can tend to be painful and are built where the feet strike the most.
  • When the feet are soaked in water for a while, the nails also soften. This is the perfect time to clip the toenails. Use the clipper only once to clip the nails because they would be soft enough for that. Also, cut the white part only. Now use a nail filer to smooth down the rough edges of your nails.
  • It’s best that you gently file the nail starting from one side and going all the way down to the other end. Be gentle and smooth. Round the nails evenly. But once you feel that the filer is coming in contact with the tip of your toes, you need to instantly stop.
  • With the help of a cuticle clipper, remove any extra cuticles. Don’t try to use your fingers for the purpose. If you try to rip the cuticles using your fingers, this can cause swelling, bleeding and leave you with hanging nails. Also, these are the cause of some really nasty infections. It’s best that you make use of a cuticle stick if you find them really out of shape. Use the stick and push the cuticles back toward the toe nail’s end. Be gentle.
  • Now its time to wash the feet. You should apply a good natural body or feet lotion. Apply a reasonable amount on your feet and toes. This is helpful in making the skin soft and smooth.

Male Manicure and Pedicure Tips

Now that you know how you can do a pedicure at home, things will be easy for you. However, we still suggest that you get a professional pedicure after a few months to maintain the fresh and smooth look. If it’s too much getting a professional pedicure for men after every while, you need to get it at least once in your lifetime. You won’t believe the incredible service you will get, plus the royalty. Also, professionals can cover even the trickiest areas with ease.

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