Lavender & Sage 2 Herbs That Every Woman Needs

Lavender & Sage 2 Herbs That Every Woman Needs,  Every woman has her own needs and knows what is best for her personal health. Here we offer two healing herbs that can improve many conditions in a woman’s body.

Lavender & Sage


Lavender is a herb that has very favourable effects on women. It has an extraordinary scent, and it is a famous herb that relaxes the body. Lavender is effective against insomnia, and it relieves chronic migraine headaches. Research shows that using lavender aromatherapy can significantly soothe the nervous system.


Sage is known for its effects against infections and inflammations. This is a strong opponent of bacteria and fungi. It is one of the rare herbs that can decrease the secretion of the sweat glands. This makes it very convenient against sweating during the night, fever and symptoms typical of menopause.

This mitigates menstrual pain, abdominal cramps, and it is favourable for urinary pathways and infections. It destroys mucus in the airways and the digestive system. This is also a good remedy against bloating.

Furthermore, sage eliminates fatigue and exhaustion symptoms, and it facilitates recovery after a severe condition or disease.

However, women should consider that sage should not be used by pregnant women and during breastfeeding because it may decrease the supplies of milk. Apart from this, This is something every woman should have in the kitchen, and you should use it regularly.

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