Is Ionic or Ceramic Hair Dryer Better?

Advancement in hair drying elements and technology is increasing daily to improve its efficiency. Therefore, choosing the best hair dryer can be overwhelming if you do not understand how each hairdryer functions.

Hair Dryer

With the different hairdryers in the market, you should select one that will give you a perfect blowout and one with minimal damage to your hair.

Generally, ionic and rami hairdryers are designed to dry your hair, reduce frizz, and create a sleek finish in minimal time.

Which Hair Dryer Better – Ionic or Ceramic!

With the variety of technology in hair dryers, ionic and ceramic are the most common. So, which hair dryer is better between the two? Read on to find out.

Ionic Hair Dryer

Unlike the traditional hair dryers that dry hair by merely blowing hot air to damp hair, the ionic hair dryer uses a different technology. Wet hair is positively charged.

Ionic hair dryers are built with an electromagnetic field that releases millions of negatively charged ions that neutralize the positively charged ions in your hair.

They also lock the hair strands so that moisture is well-maintained within them. This creates smooth, sleek, and shiny hair.

When you try to buy the best hair dryer for a hairstyle, you need to check the features and benefits’ quality to get better results.

The benefits of ionic hair dryers include:

  • With ionic hair dryers, you can use a minimal temperature to dry your hair quickly.
  • It locks hair moisture within your hair strands, preventing dehydration, which makes your hair frizz-free and shiny.
  • Hair dries faster, and it does not damage your hair when used appropriately.

Ceramic Hair Dryers

A ceramic hair dryer is typically suitable for all types of hairs. The inside of this hairdryer is created with ceramic together with the heating coil. Ceramic dryers distribute heat evenly and do not cause cold spots that can damage your hair.

You need to take extra care when choosing hair dryers for African American hair. For that reason, you need a dryer that matches your hair types.

This hairdryer prevents over-drying the hair as it regulates the heat by automatically detecting the room temperature and adjusting consequently.

Nowadays, quality tools are essential if you want to keep your hair without damage and want to get a silky hairstyle. All you can think about before buying the product not then.

Ionic or ceramic, which one is best for you? I think you need to know your hair types then need to choose which advantages available match your hair.

Advantages of using a ceramic hairdryer are:

  • It is suitable for both drying and styling your hair.
  • With an even heat distribution of heat, it dries hair evenly.
  • Removes frizz by producing negatively charged ions.
  • Prevents hair dehydration by locking moisture within your hair cuticles
  • Produces infrared red rays that are beneficial.

By understanding the different techniques used in the two hairdryers, we can conclude that ceramic hair dryers are better than ionic ones. This is because the ionic hair dryers’ electromagnetic field can be dangerous when used for a long time.

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