Interesting Blue Color Schemes for Home Décor

Interesting Blue Color Schemes for Home Décor, Do you like the Blue color? If yes, then why not try wide-ranging shades of blue in home décor. Blue is one of people’s favorite colors due to its calm and pleasant nature. 

The blue color and its shades are spectacular, inspiring, and quite relaxing. In addition, the key to make a calm and clean atmosphere in your home décor is to incorporate the shades of blues.

So, do not get afraid to show your love for blue, and create an elegant, stylish and calm atmosphere. Incorporate the classic hue from bold colors to artistic items. The best part is its adaptability.

Blue is quite known for its relaxing and peaceful aspects. Moreover, it has different effects on a space depending on the temperature. Here are some interesting blue color schemes for home décor:

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Monochromatic Blue

Add layers of color in your space to create a bold look. To achieve a monochromatic look, layer the items with the same shade of blue or use various shades of blue to add more depth.

It is best suitable in the area which has a lot of natural light. So, to begin with, focus on walls. Then, once it is all blue on the walls, go for artwork and accessories. 

Of course, you can also add bits of complementary colors, but make sure mainly not to focus on them. Moreover, a monochromatic blue room creates a bold style statement. It makes a room look luxurious and full of sophistication and boldness.

Blue and Brown

A great color combo is blue and brown. Try different shades of brown in various textures to add dimension, such as earthy brown walls,  golden brown curtains or cushions, etc.

Pair them with blue accessories such as a dark blue couch or soft blue cushions. Then, tie it together with the wooden flooring to make a subtle but charming home décor. 

This classic color combo is a bit masculine, yet it appeals to females. Moreover, this color duo will make your room look elegant and stylish.

Navy Blue and Mustard Yellow

If you pick colors of opposite sides, it creates a high-contrast color scheme. For example, blue and mustard yellow make a refreshing color combination for your room. However, you can tone down the color brightness by choosing darker shades.

Mustard yellow is one of the best options to go with shades of blue. This color scheme makes your home décor look more vivacious. In addition, this high-contrast color duo is an excellent combination that suits well with the gender-neutral interiors.

You can add various accessories such as wood tone furniture or brass accents that particularly emphasize yellow tones. In addition, use navy or yellow art pieces to enhance the interiors.

Blue, White, and Red

White, Red, and blue is a classic color combination for home décor. It is perfectly suitable for coastal-style homes or Americana-inspired home décor. Use white as a base color, especially suitable for walls or large furniture items.

Then, add red and blue into rugs, accessories, and other furnishing items. Finally, incorporate pops of red, blue, and white in wall art pieces to ensure a good balance of all the colors, even with one color in the primary focus.

It is a classic color combo that has an Americana vibe that is hard to mess up. It makes your home décor stylish and attractive.

Blue Turquoise Color

Blue turquoise color tones make the room feel pleasant and calming. In addition, it offers versatile color schemes for home décor design and decor. For example, blue turquoise and white cushions are the perfect combinations for modern living room couches.

Blue and white color combinations for different cushion designs are an excellent combination. Moreover, the blue turquoise color cushions look bright and fresh with a white couch. In addition, a creative mix of patterns on wall art adds interest to the room.

Blue turquoise curtains or carpets create a relaxing, peaceful, and stylish atmosphere that harmonizes interior design. It is a classic and timeless color scheme that will always be in trend. 

Blue and Green

The fresh and springy color scheme which adds brightness to your interiors is a blue and green color combination. Incorporating this color scheme is pretty flexible, and you can combine any shade of blue and green.

To make the home décor stylish and bright, keep the space grounded in a base of neutral colors. People usually like white with this color duo. Then, you can incorporate springy greens and deep blues in accents in the room like wall art pieces, rugs, etc. 

These color combinations will add visual interest and make your room look classy. Finally, shades of blues and greens paired with neutrals create a fresh and preppy vibe. 

Both the colors are incredible and have serene hues. They perfectly complement each other, so there is no fear of clashing

Blue and Pink

Blue and pink create a delightful color combination. So, no need to pick others over this duo. A color scheme of blue walls and pink furnishing items creates a beautiful, feminine vibe in the room.

With the bright home décor, you can prove to others that colors can go hand in hand. The blue walls serve as an outstanding backdrop for the pink accents and art pieces, allowing them to pop.

Splashes of pink on cushions and other decorative items can add warmth to the blue hue of the walls. In addition, warm neutrals can stabilize this sweet color palette. These are lively and nourishing colors that add youthful flavor to the home décor. 

Blue and Gray

Make a strong style statement in interiors with deeply saturated colors. You can pair blue with gray to energize the interiors. A  gray wall can add a serene and relaxed look to your room by providing a solid neutral background.

Then add in bits of bright blue, like the blue throw pillows, wall art, etc. Finally, keep the soft gray and the other blues muted to make a room look inviting.

Final Words

All the above color schemes make a spectacular blue color combination in the interiors. Choose the shades of blue that you like and make sure it is apt for your home décor.


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