How to Use Essential Oils to Reverse the Signs of Aging?

How to Use Essential Oils to Reverse the Signs of Aging?

Due to the increased awareness and the focus of people on using natural ingredients for their bodies, many people are turning towards natural ingredients that can be useful substitutes for the chemical-laden products that they currently use.

The most sought-after items in the market are beauty-enhancing and skincare products right out. Skincare has become a medium of pampering ourselves and expressing self-love towards our bodies and thus people are increasingly insistent on using natural ingredients in their skincare routine.

When it comes to age-reversing products, there are various reliable and effective solutions offered by the medical department such as derma fillers and Allergan Botox.

But even so, many people like to explore and experiment with natural ingredients and their results in reversing or fading away from the signs of aging.

When it comes to natural ingredients essential oils are making a lot of waves in the self-care and skin-care world right now. There are many therapeutic benefits of using essential uses, and they often are the basis of aromatherapy which is a hugely followed trend among many people.

Let’s see the uses of various essentials oils and their effects in reversing the signs of aging:

Rose oil:

Is there a woman on earth who doesn’t have a soft spot for roses in her heart? I bet there aren’t many as roses are wonderful and they can charm anyone by their delicate petals and a delightful fragrance.

Thus it is no surprise that rose oil is among the top therapeutic oils which are useful in reversing the signs of aging.

When massaged on the skin, rose oils help in brightening the dull age spots and giving you an even skin tone over time. This oil also gives a healthy dewy glow to your skin as it helps promotes blood circulation.

It also tightens your skin by boosting the production of collagen in your skin which goes down as your age increases.

Lemon Oil:

Lemon has vitamin C which is filled with many different benefits for the skin and thus lemon oil makes a great addition to your skincare routine if you want to look younger than your age. 

If you know anything about lemon, you must already be aware of its almost magical scar reduction properties which fade age spots and give you lighter and even skin.

Lemon oil has many antibacterial properties that prevent and treats skin conditions such as pimples and acne, and it is also rich in antioxidants, which is why it helps in keeping your skin looking younger for a long period of time.

It’s a great option to brighten the skin if it has become dull after long exposure to the sun. 

But you must note that many people with sensitive skin report that lemon oil is a bit too strong for them if that is the case for you, mix with a milder oil to dilute it before use or look for a suitable alternative.

The best time to use lemon oil is at night as lemon has been reported to cause bleaching effects or itching sensation when exposed to sunlight. 

Coconut Oil:

Coconut Oil is one of the most popular items in skincare and it has multiple benefits for your hair growth, for moisturizing your skin and even getting rid of scars.

Let’s talk about the use of coconut oil for getting rid of the signs of aging. We all know that rough, and dry skin is a sure sign of aging, and coconut oil makes up for a great moisturizer for your whole body. It helps in getting rid of wrinkles and gives your body a smooth appearance which makes it look more supple and young.

As coconut oil is comedogenic so people with oily skin should choose a different essential oil or use very little of this oil on their skin.

Apart from your face and your body, coconut oil can also help you in dealing with other signs of aging such as thin and dry lips, thin and lacklustre hair as well as thinning out of eyebrows and eyelashes. 

You can apply coconut oil on your lips to make them softer and plumper, it also makes a great addition to your lip scrub for removing dead skin and lightening your lips. 

People who eyelash enhancing products such as Careprost should give a try to coconut oil as it helps in preventing the premature fall of the eyelashes as well as promoting the growth of thicker eyebrows.

Soft, smooth, and shiny hairs are also signs of youth and coconut oil is a miracle item for the hair your head as well. Oiling your hairs with coconut along with using the hot towel treatment on it will give deep condition your hairs adding to their smoothness and sign.

Before you make use of any of the oils on any part of your body, please make sure that you are not allergic to any of them, and please ensure to do a patch test to avoid any risk. 

You should also remember that natural ingredients take a while in showing results so don’t give up on these oils after a week or two, at least one month of use is needed to see some results.

While it is true that natural ingredients such as essentials take some time to show results, but the effects are much long-lasting than most quick fixes that are available in the market which is laden with chemicals. 

These are among the top essential oils that you can use on your face, on your body, your eyelashes as well as your hairs for enhancing your body and giving it the smoothness and radiant glow and shine that is synonymous with youth.


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