How to remove printer ink from skin

What is printer ink?

There are different pigments and dyes which when combine makes inks of different colors. Ink is available in two different forms i.e. liquid or paste form. Ink gets its color from pigments that come from different sources. Some of which are nitrogen-containing compounds. Such compounds which are nitrogen base are known as dyes.

Several copies are produced of the digital text or pictures with the help of ink in the printers. Estimated percentage of inks that are produced; 90% of them are used as printing inks.

How to make printer ink?

Different ingredients are necessary for making printing inks. These are resin of different kinds, pigments, and additives which have lubricating material and waxes and different organic and inorganic solvents. In some cases, the varnish is also used. Carbon black pigment is used for making ink of black color. While a chemical named titanium dioxide, which is white color pigment is used for lightening purposes of the other ink colors.

A clear liquid called varnish is used as a base of any ink. Different inks contain varnishes of different kinds. The process involves the formation of a homogeneous mixture at high temperatures. Ingredients used are solvents, resins, and some additives. Resins act as a binder in printing inks. They make it more viscous by nature.

How to remove printer ink from the skin?

There are different techniques by which you can take off the printer ink from the skin easily. These methods are safe to use without any harmful effects.

I. Tea Tree Oil

tea tree oil
If you’ve spill printing ink on your hands or any other body part by accident than you can remove it with the help of tea tree oil. This product works wonders. First of all, take a clean and dry piece of cloth and add a few drops of this oil on it. Then rub it over the skin gently. Repeat it until all the color comes off from the skin. It is recommended to use it in an open environment because tea tree oil has a strong odor and you may not like it.

II. Glass Cleaner

glass cleaner
A glass cleaner can also be used to remove ink from the skin. It is easily available at homes and offices. Make sure the ink is still wet don’t let it dry. Spray it as soon as you can. In the end, wipe it with the help of a paper towel.

III. Rubbing alcohol

Rubbing alcohol can be used for the same purpose. But make sure that you use a lotion before applying it on the skin directly. Rubbing alcohol makes the skin dry that’s what it is recommended to use any moisturizer before use.

IV. Hairspray

hair spry
Hair spray can be used. It will dissolve the ink completely. Then wash the affected area with soap and water.

V. Scrub and Bleach

This remedy can be harsh for the skin so not recommended for sensitive skin. But it still works. Make a paste of both ingredients and then apply a thin layer of it on the skin. Leave it for some time. Then rub the area and wash it off with cool water. Do apply lotion or some moisturizer on the skin after doing this procedure.

VI. Hand Cleaner

A hand cleaner is also a good method for removing inks off the skin. Some hand cleaners are used to remove grease from the skin, so they can also remove inks and toners from the skin.

VII. Baby oil

baby oil
They have greasy texture, helps in removing ink stains from the skin. Apply any baby oil or essential oil on the affected area. Then do the massage of that area for some time. After that wash it.

VIII. Nail polish remover

nail poilish
The use of nail polish remover in a well-ventilated area is recommended. Use a cotton ball for its application on the skin having printing ink stains. Then rub it and then wash it with soap and cold water.

IX. Hand sanitizer

hand cleaner
Hand sanitizer can also serve as a means of removing the ink stain of the skin. Apply a suitable amount of it on the skin. Then rub it with the help of fingertips or a piece of cloth. After that wash the area carefully with water.

X. Toothpaste

tooth paste
The use of toothpaste is also common for removing ink from the skin. Apply a small amount of paste on the skin. Rub it in circular motions than wash the area under cold water.

XI. Vinegar (White or Apple cider)

Vinegar is acidic by nature which can be an excellent means of removing printing ink from any part of the skin. Use cotton soaked in a diluted mixture of vinegar and then apply it on the skin. Leave it for few minutes then wash it with cold water.

XII. Isopropyl alcohol

hand cleaner
Alcohols usually work very well on the skin for the removal of inks and toners. The method of use is the same as for removing the stain with rubbing alcohol.

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