How to Remove Food Coloring from Skin

What are Food colours?

food colors

Pigments, dyes, and many other additives can be used to enhance the look of both fresh and processed foods. There are four types of colouring ingredients, including natural colours, inorganic pigments, a combination of organic and metallic compounds, and last but not least synthetic substances.

For centuries natural dyes were being used to colour different edible material. Some of the common examples are carotenoids; they have a deep red, orange, or yellow colouration; chlorophyll, which is a pigment, naturally occurring in nature, is also found in the green parts of the plant. Mostly mint and lime-flavoured food items are coloured by the use of chlorophyll as a colouring agent. Anthocyanin is one of the best sources of bluish and dark purple colour. Another natural food dye that consumed commonly is turmeric, which can be used to impart deep yellow colouration. 

Why we use food colours?

  • They are used in enhancing naturally occurring colours.
  •  Light can damage flavours and vitamins, so they are used as a means of protection from the light rays.
  •  The nutritional value of food can be significantly improved as well as maintained using these food colors.
  •  They are added to different drinks and food, making them more attractive for the consumers.
  •  They are also used for providing identity to food items.
  •  One of the essential use of these food colours is decorative and artistic purposes.

How can you remove food colouring from the skin?

There are a couple of ways and techniques to get rid of the mess created by the food colours. Some of them are as follows:

Method no.1: Using a Toothpaste

by using tooth paste

  •  Wash the stains with the help of lukewarm water and soap carefully. Make sure you rub the areas properly with soap to get a good lather. Because sometimes, this is the only step you need to perform to get rid of the dye from your skin. After that, use tissue paper because if you use any piece of cloth to dry your skin colour might get a transfer on it. 
  •  Grab a non-gel toothpaste. Toothpaste having baking soda in it, is best and more effective than the others.
  • Wash the colour stain with the help of toothpaste. Apply a thin layer of toothpaste on the colour stain you want to remove with the help of fingers, or you can also use any piece of cloth. Then gently rub for about two minutes in circular motions as doing this will surely help to scrub the colour stains away.
  •  Rinse the toothpaste off. Lat step is washing your skin with some soap and water. By now, the stain will be barely visible. 

Method no.2: Using Rubbing Alcohol

by rubbing alcohal

  • Take a small amount of rubbing alcohol. If you don’t have any rubbing alcohol, then you can use a nail polish remover or a chemical named acetone. But both of them are harsh to use for young children and those having sensitive skin. Also, they can evaporate immediately. That’s why rubbing alcohol is preferred. 
  •  Use a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol. Along with the use of hand sanitizer, you can directly apply it to your skin. Otherwise, use a cotton ball and rub the stain with it. In a few strokes, most of the color stain will come off.
  •  Repeat if necessary and wash your skin. If you still saw any traces of colour dye, rub it away using rubbing alcohol. Wash and dry your skin at the end.

Method no. 3: Using Baking Soda and Vinegar 

baking soda

  •  Washing the stain first. First of all, soak a piece of cloth in cold water then rub it on the skin, this will help in removing excess dye that is present on your surface.
  •  Soak a cotton ball with vinegar. Apply vinegar-soaked cotton ball on skin. You can also use a washcloth which can be re-soak later. Rub the stain with the help of washcloth, and if the skin stings, you can mix vinegar with one part of water. Rinse off with the help of cold water.
  •  Use a paste of Baking soda if necessary. Although baking soda is abrasive and by using its skin might feel raw for a moment, but it is an excellent method to remove stubborn stains.                                        
  • Rinse the paste in excess. By using soap and water, rinse off excess baking soda until your skin no longer feels granular.

Method no.4: Take Shower

Sometimes, in fact, in most cases, all you need to do is take a bath or shower. In the end, the colour dye would be mostly invisible.

Method no.5: Laundry Stain Remover 

laundry stain

You can wash the stain with the use of some water with laundry stain remover. Avoid using this on your face as it is more sensitive.

Method no.6: Salt and vinegar

salt and vinegar

You can remove the color stain by using the paste of salt and vinegar. First of all, damp the skin before you use the paste containing salt with vinegar. Rub with your hands, then rinse the glue off.

Method 7. Use of Shaving Cream

shaving cream

One important ingredient that a shaving cream contains is peroxide. Which helps significantly in the removal of the colour dye from skin.

How to remove red dye from the skin?

hair dye

According to health organizations, a red dye can cause allergic reactions and irritability in some people, especially in children. Cake frosting, mixtures even some bread contain this food colour.

To remove red dye off your skin you can use a dye remover, just pour a small quantity of rubbing alcohol on a small piece of cotton ball and rub it gently on the skin from where you need to remove the stains, in circular motions. Then wash it properly and thoroughly with soap and warm water. You can also use a toothpaste that is not in gel form for the same purpose. A combination of dish wash soap and baking soda can be used. Also, olive oil and petroleum jelly, when left overnight of the skin, can help in removing the red color stain.

What removes food colouring from hands?   

food color

There are various methods by which you can remove food coloring off your hands. Some of which are as follows.

Method no.1: By the use of Face Wipes

face wipes

Sometimes the stains you are dealing with are not that hard to remove so one can use face or baby wipes to remove them effectively. Then wash the hands with tap water.

Method no.2: Use of Oils

use of oil

Another effective technique to remove food color stains from your hands is by the use of baby oil or other food oils. As they are greasy by nature so they can help in removing the stains. Be sure of the fact that you rinse off the stain with soap carefully at the end of the procedure.

Method no. 3 Using nail polish remover

nail polish remover

Nail polish remover can also be used very effectively for removing food colour from hands. As it contains acetone.

How can you remove food coloring from your skin without the use of vinegar?

You can easily remove food color from any part of the body without using white vinegar. For example, you can use alcohol or hand sanitizer in order to remove the stains off your skin. Salt with few drops of lemon juice can also be used for the same purpose as lemon juice is acidic in nature, just like vinegar. Toothpaste can also be used. Shaving cream is also used for the same purpose. Any of the essential oil can be used a well.

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