How to Enlarge the Lips? 15 Tricks & Exercises

How to Enlarge the Lips?

Having a well-defined mouth and Enlarge the Lips is a sexy and radiant business card. Unfortunately, mother nature has not given everyone an aesthetically perfect mouth but there are many ways to be able to swell the lips without exceeding or attracting attention.

In fact, there are natural remedies, exercises, and the right make-up or in an extreme case, you can resort to surgery. In this article, I propose some natural remedies, exercises, and tricks to have Enlarge the Lips.

Enlarge the lips with natural remedies

To have naturally plump lips, you can use cheap and natural remedies. In fact, by applying some ingredients and substances, you immediately have an Enlarge the Lips.

Here are the DIY methods to get fuller lips:

  • Extra virgin olive oil and lemon: mix them together and apply them to the lips, this will give a filling effect. Leave for 5 minutes;
  • Honey: the same effect occurs with honey which must be spread and kept for 5 minutes and then removed with hot water;
  • Water and sugar: moisten your lips with warm water, pass some unrefined sugar, rub as if it were a scrub then rinse and pass some cocoa butter. This technique is useful both to have fuller lips but also to exfoliate them when they are chapped;
  • Cinnamon / Chili: Rub cinnamon or chilli, these two ingredients instantly Enlarge the Lips. Pay attention to the chilli because in addition to the volume there will also be burning.

Enlarge the lips with exercises

A date is approaching and your only dream is to look sexier than ever. If you have at least a week of time you can start doing these exercises, in a few days you will notice big and perfect lips. Here’s what you need to do to get mild lip swelling:

  1. Pretend to blow with your mouth closed keeping your lips tightly closed, then keep your mouth ajar and gradually relax. Repeat for 5 times;
  2. Inflate your cheeks with all the air you can store and keep your mouth closed for a few seconds, then let the air out in 2-3 puffs;
  3. Close your lips inward (tightly close your teeth) then open and close your mouth, do this for 10-15 minutes a day;
  4. Smile with your mouth closed, each for 15 seconds, then relax and pretend to give a kiss. Rehash this activity multiple times each day;
  5. Organize your lips as though to kiss. Hold the situation for a couple of moments and afterwards unwind. At this point, bite into the lower and upper lips at the same time inside the mouth so that you can “close” them between your teeth. Hold the position for about 10 seconds and repeat the exercise about ten times;
  6. Pretend to give a kiss with your lips closed forward, move them as if you were dialling an eight. Repeat 5 times;
  7. Put your lips together and then suck your cheeks towards the inside of your mouth. Try to squeeze the muscles of the lips and cheeks together. Hold the position for 5 seconds and then relax. Repeat this exercise 5 times a day;
  8. Put your lips together as if to give a kiss and lift them towards your nose as much as possible, hold the position for 5 seconds, and repeat the exercise 10 times.

With these natural methods, the volume of the lips certainly increases very little, but it also depends from subject to subject; The exercises require commitment and perseverance, and certainly, the result is not the same as with botox where, in addition, to Enlarge the Lips, they can also be shaped at will.

Enlarge the lips with makeup

As an alternative to exercises, you can enlarge your lips with make-up: good make-up is able to make the mouth appear firmer and larger.

  1. Spread a veil of pencil, outline the lip contour and lightly draw on the outside of it;
  2. Blend the pencil with the fingertips of your hands, apply the lipstick, and then a volumizing gloss. Please, always choose the pencil in a shade lighter than the gloss you intend to apply;
  3. For a quick make-up, apply lip plumper and cocoa butter with a filling effect.

On the market there are many natural products that can be applied like lip gloss and that allow, thanks to their active ingredients, to obtain a volumizing effect for a few hours (lip plumping). It is important to remember that not everyone can try these cosmetics as they contain real natural irritants that can have undesirable effects on the most sensitive skin.

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