How CBD Oil Give Relief From Insomnia

How CBD Oil Give Relief From Insomnia, Experiencing a sleepless night is annoying, but enduring insomnia regularly is debilitating to the mind and the body. There’s no worse feeling than when you want to fall asleep, but something in you isn’t allowing you to drift into unconsciousness.


Addressing your insomnia head-on is critical if you hope to enjoy better days. While there are various methods and medications out there that can provide you with better sleep, you might want to consider something more natural to tackle your issues with the help of a cannabinoid known as CBD.

What is CBD?

CBD is a non-intoxicating psychoactive cannabinoid that producers derive from the Cannabis Sativa plant species. Unlike marijuana, hemp-derived CBD has less than 0.3 percent THC, making it an excellent contender if you hope to enjoy the benefits of taking cannabinoids without the risk of getting high.

CBD triggers change in the body by signaling to the endocannabinoid system’s (ECS) receptors. The ECS is a molecular system that manages essential functions such as temperature, appetite, mood, pain, fertility, and sleep. Its receptors move through the mind and body to implement change where necessary, so the body is in a constant state of balance.

Although researchers must conduct further studies to verify CBD’s health benefits, early data shows encouraging evidence of this cannabinoid’s potential for various chronic and mental health conditions. These potential benefits have also led high-quality CBD brands such as justcannabis to create a range of products from oil tinctures to edibles, balms, skincare products, bath bombs, and more.

The remarkable ways CBD can provide relief from insomnia

Insomnia can result from various factors. Stress and anxiety are common contenders, but so are post-traumatic stress disorder, pain, and chronic health issues. CBD can prove life-changing and provide you with the restful sleep you have been longing for.

Primarily, this cannabinoid helps by reducing common mental health issues such as stress and anxiety. Studies show that when users take CBD, they feel more at ease and experience fewer anxiety symptoms. Researchers believe this is because of the cannabinoid’s work on our hormones and neurotransmitters. One study shows how CBD can balance the overproduction of the cortisol hormone so that the body isn’t in continual fight-or-flight mode because of chronic stress.

CBD can trigger an increase in the production of the neurotransmitter known as serotonin. The latter is a natural mood stabilizer that helps to lower anxiety symptoms. CBD can manage GABA levels in the brain so that users can deal with stressful situations in a serener inner state.

Researchers have elected CBD as a potent cannabinoid to help people suffering from chronic pain caused by disorders such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, and multiple sclerosis. Chronic and temporary pain can easily cause insomnia, which can lead the person to suffer more. CBD can help bring relief to people going through physical pain.

Users can lower the risk of seizures when they take this cannabinoid. People who experience seizures explain how difficult it can be to feel like themselves again after an episode where often it’s a challenge to fall asleep. The most substantial research to date is that regarding CBD’s effects on people who have epilepsy. Indeed, a significant body of research has led the FDA to approve the first-ever CBD-based drug that doctors can administer to patients as young as two years old.

For people suffering from a case of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), CBD can provide a respite from nightmares and an opportunity for users to enjoy a good night’s rest. Some research suggests that this cannabinoid can cut down on REM sleep. The latter is the deepest part of the sleep cycle. We are in a deep state of rest during this stage, and our brain processes our memories and dreams.

REM sleep is critical because it provides us with the deepest part of the sleep cycle. However, for those suffering from nightmares, ones that wake them up and inhibit them from falling back asleep, a temporary break from the REM sleep cycle may be what they need to feel restored and have a sense of respite from the trauma experienced.

Using CBD oil responsibly

Although researchers have noted no harmful side effects of this cannabinoid, they have raised concerns when users take it with other medications. CBD can block the work of certain pills, such as heart medication. If you’re considering taking CBD, it’s best to consult a medical professional who can advise on the best brands and the right dose.

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