Finding the Best Beauty Brands to Start Selling Today

If you have considered opening an online cosmetic distribution company then you need to find the top brands that the most people are going to be interested in buying. There are literally hundreds of makeup and skincare cosmetics available for you to sell from the comfort of your home. The question beginning sellers always ask is how to find the best beauty brands.

Direct Selling

Direct selling makeup companies offer the best beauty brands to start selling today. You may not even realize that you already know some of the direct selling products by name and reputation.

Some of the best beauty brands include:


Women have been using and selling Avon since 1886. Avon has been in their lives longer than they have had the right to vote. They are so popular that statistics show that the company sells 4 lipsticks and 2 mascaras every second. Avon products are recognized and sold all over the world. The company lets its representatives establish a webpage to advertise and take orders for the merchandise.

They were the very first company to start up an e-commerce website. They began this site in 1996 because they were sure that online sales were going to be the way of the future. You know that the name Avon is synonymous with excellent quality. People all over the world know the name and they recognize the product line. The quality of the merchandise is so high that you really do not sell Avon because the cosmetics, fragrances, and other items the company manufacture actually sell themselves.

If you are looking to do direct selling of an already established beauty product then give Avon a second thought.

Mary Kay

Mary Kay cosmetics has been a popular brand of cosmetics since 1963. The products have unique qualities and their application is slightly different than many of the competitors. People know the product line. People trust cosmetics. Mary Kay has been doing direct sales since the beginning of the company and they have worked out all of the kinks in the system.

Mary Kay cosmetics also reward their top sellers with fabulous gifts, including the Mary Kay pink cars that are awarded to the very top-selling representatives. Mary Kay representatives normally book parties where a group of ladies gets together and the representative instructs the ladies on how to apply the line of makeup she has brought with her. The woman hosting the party usually wins a number of prizes according to how many cosmetics and skincare products are sold during the party.

Today there are a lot of online purchasing and you can still book and attend one of those fabulous makeup parties. If you want to be a part of a successful cosmetic line and sell things you can trust, then consider Mary Kay cosmetics.

Diversify for Potentially Higher Sales

Before you decide on just one beauty product to sell consider diversifying and selling several brands of cosmetics and skincare. There are a lot of women that like the mascara made by one company, the lipstick made by another company, and the fragrances made by yet another company.

Normally for these women to buy all of their favorite items they have to shop at several different websites. You can offer them several different high-quality brands all on one website. A single website visit saves time for the shopper and makes their lives easier. The fact that you have nothing but quality cosmetic brands listed on your site will bolster the shopper’s confidence and increase your potential sales.

Finding the Brands to Market

When you start to look for the best brands to affiliate with considering what you want to offer to your customers.

Some points to consider are:

  • Price of the products. Do you want the least expensive products? Do you want the most expensive products? Does price matter to you?
  • Do you want organic and chemical-free products? Are you going to want to advertise that you offer cosmetics from companies that care about the earth and do their best to not harm the earth? Do you want to be able to say the items were never tested on animals?
  • Do you want to be able to advertise and say that the products you sell are natural and less likely to cause any harm to the users skin or overall health?
  • Do you want to be able to advertise that the products you are selling are good for the skin of the people buying it? Then you want to find product lines that have moisturizers in them, and SPF properties high enough to actually be protective.

Tips from the Influencers

If you want to find the best cosmetic brands to use in your business you need to try a few of the brands out. You want to be able to tell people how the product actually works, and why it works better than some of the other brands on the market today.

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