Fashion X Perfume: How To Make Perfect Match?

Fashion X Perfume: how To Make Perfect Match? In a world of relentless marketing and solicitation, social media and the digital world, in general, tend to dictate our choices, whether consciously or not. These days we often follow the hype with the influencer trend continuously on the rise or highly depend on comments and reviews posted online. But let’s not forget that we are all unique – we’ve got our style and personality. Our confidence as an individual is a significant factor of fulfilment not only in others’ eyes but on a personal level. 


So how do you get your fantastic self to shine through? So many elements reveal your character, but perhaps one of the most apparent aspects would be your wardrobe. Your outfit and the accessories you build around it plays a vital role in reflecting Y-O-U, and what better way to express yourself than smelling as good as you look?

Here we’ve rounded up a few looks matched with the perfect Perfume:

The Classic Perfume

Classic is synonymous with timelessness. You’d probably never guess, but a classic woman can be found in jeans, a white t-shirt, and her perpetual black pumps; she’s not after the latest trends but does uphold a certain standard. She’s conventional and purposeful and deserves a scent that makes this exact statement: simple but elegant. The classic outfit bears well with the fragrances that are not risky but instead gives off an air of refinement with a clean representation such as citrus notes, subtle woodiness, and some spices.

The Bedazzled Perfume

Ladies who are often referred to as “bling-bling” are also out for attention. Flashy outfits accessorized by chunky jewellery and larger than life stones are the first things you’d probably notice. Kind of a hard look to pull off, so this is something for the confident woman. As eccentric as she may seem, you can rest assured that you’ll never get bored with her! Sparkly and golden bottles catch her eye!

The Sweetheart

The picture of a perfect lead character in your favourite romantic movie:

Flushed cheeks.

Hair that flows tenderly down her shoulders.

  • A total baby doll per se.

If we had to compare her style to seasons, we’d have to say she’s spring with her picturesque pastels and twirling dress. A woman who dresses romantically likes delicate, feminine scents. Perfumes that “smell” like love and tenderness, such as those made up of floral notes, particularly roses and jasmine, sandalwood, white musk, and tonka bean. 

The Casually Chic 

Ahhh money. It never gets old! Our BCBG women always look like they’re born from stylish upper class – aristocratic, well-educated, connections like nothing you’ve ever seen. This trend never goes old and goes perfectly well with just about any occasion, from going to a job interview to a casual dinner out with some friends. Chic and refined – these women prefer scents that resonate with feminine grace, such as florals (hint: IRIS). Her fragrance options are not always about what’s hot – she cares more about the quality, the luxe, the high standards. She likes long-wearing perfumes that match her image to the T. 

The Athletic

Who can forget about Sporty Spice? Tracksuits, sweat, and sneaks – probably the comfiest a woman can ever be in after pajamas. This used to be a look that translates better with the younger generation, but with health and positive lifestyle making the ranks over recent years, even J. Lo in her 50s still look stunning in spandex! Women of today are more active and dynamic no matter the age.

Gone are the days when sports perfumes were only marketed to men. Ladies sporting the “sporty look” (see what we did there?!) prefer scents that boost the energetic boldness of their fashion sense. They like fresh, citrus, and oceanic notes that calms the skin as soon as the activity heats the body. Heady fragrances are a no-no; they particularly like perfumes that represent the incredible, adventurous outdoors!

The Fashion Slave

On the contrary, some women fall victim to every single trend that falls from the sky. They are driven by the desire to keep up with the latest. The latest designs, the latest clothes, the latest accessories, and of course, the latest fragrances. They pay close attention to what’s going on and are always the first to get on with novelties. Women in this group can S-P-E-N-D! Luxury designer brands often seduce them, and when it comes to perfume, they always have the latest creations upon their dresser.

With that being said, such women do not have a particular preference for scent. They can wear anything from the headiest concoctions to the most subtle, fresh notes. And because they are “compulsive buyers”, all it takes is some good ol’ advertisement, and she’s sure to succumb to temptation, especially when something is promoted as “limited edition”. 

The link between your look and the scent you wear is undeniable. Whether your choice of the best luxury perfume is connected to trends, it’s evident that your fragrance further highlights your style. It’s more than an olfactory accessory – it reveals your character just as your clothes tell of your taste, and this is precisely why our perfumes are always carefully chosen and is a matter that shouldn’t be taken lightly. So, what look are you going for today?

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