10 Exercise to Burn Belly Fat Without Running

10 Exercise to Burn Belly Fat Without Running,  When it comes to losing weight and toning the body, resistant training has been proven to be the best exercise to achieve your goals.

In a study aimed at examining the effects of resistant training on the metabolic constraints of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, 53 patients were divided into two groups.

One group performed squats and pushups three times a week for 12 weeks, whereas the control group didn’t do any resistance exercise.

The results were compared after 12 weeks. Individuals in the exercise showed significantly improved muscle mass with reduced insulin, fatty liver, and iron levels.

Hence, resistance exercises enhance the features of metabolic syndrome in the case of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

This article presents you with ten highly effective and tried exercises that will help tone your body, slow ageing, and build shapely muscle. Moreover, you don’t need any special equipment to do these exercises.

Exercise to Burn Belly Fat

Girl fitness Exercise to Burn Belly Fat

The Burpee

This exercise acts on all the primary muscle groups and makes your heart pump. With burpee, you’ll manage to burn more belly fat than with hours of cardio. Likewise, it can be modified to any fitness level.

The Pull-Up

With this effective exercise, you can tone your back to a stunning level. It can be not easy at first, and hence you can consider practising a little with simpler alternatives before you finally manage to handle it.

The Squat Exercise to Burn Belly Fat

This is a basic functional movement that will help you reshape your legs and butt. Body squats can be somewhat challenging, and you can try a barbell or dumbells for more intensity.

The Push-Up

With the pushup, you’ll be able to strengthen your triceps, tone the upper chest, and get sculpted shoulders. It will also significantly tone your core.

The Lunge Exercise to Burn Belly Fat

Lunges are great for tightening the butt and toning the hamstrings. Nonetheless, if you notice pain in your knees, consider replacing them with the glute bridge.

The Spider Crawl

This exercise will improve the mobility of your hips as well as tone your core muscles.

The Skater

Moving in a lateral plane is essential for developing stability of the knees and ankles. You can as well try jolting to the joints and minimum jumping.

The Plank Exercise to Burn Belly Fat

The plank is a highly effective exercise that engages the whole core, including the transverse abdominous, which can relieve and prevent back pain. You should try your best to hold the plank position for 60 seconds.

Jumping Rope

Skipping is an excellent alternative to running. It will help you burn loads of calories and tone your legs and arms. You can also try doing a ‘phantom’ skip, which involves tossing the rope to the side and pretending to jump rope by going through the motions.

The GetUp Exercise to Burn Belly Fat

The triceps move engages the core muscles powerfully, making you attain a flat, toned, and fat-free belly.

These top 10 bodyweight and resistance moves will help you finally get the body you have always wanted! All you need are 15 minutes and this effective fat-burning, strength-building workout program.

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