Coffee and Hair Growth

Coffee and Hair Growth: What’s The Connection?

Morning conversations will never be the same without coffee, hailed as one of the world’s most popular beverages. It’s no wonder that people would spend much on this plant-based drink. Coffee provides a punch of energy and nutrients for the body.

Not only does it keep you attentive, but it gives your hair an excellent treatment. Coffee has become a prevalent ingredient in hair growth shampoo and conditioner products. What’s the connection between your cup of coffee and your hair growth? Let’s discover more about this powerful plant.

Coffee and Hair Growth

Coffee Diaries: The Origin

Every cup of Joe is made possible, thanks to the harvested cherries from coffee trees. Your coffee drink originated from the Coffea genus of plants. Among all trees and shrubs belonging to this genus lie the most in-demand species known as Coffea Arabica. This coffee kind is responsible for producing most of the world’s coffee consumption.

The fruits of coffee plants are packed with potent antioxidants, which can help your body fight against free radicals and protect your hair from damage. Know more about coffee’s contribution to hair growth.

Coffee’s Contribution to Hair Growth

Drinking coffee provides you with a daily dose of caffeine, a stimulant that keeps you fully alert and activates your energy. Aside from boosting your daily performance, caffeine also promotes hair growth.

The caffeine from your coffee drink stimulates energy production in your hair cells, thereby encouraging follicles to grow in the anagen phase. It also serves as a DHT blocker, protecting your follicles against hair cell deterioration.

Coffee also maintains proper blood circulation. Its caffeine helps in regulating your body’s blood sugar levels. Without its aid, your blood with high glucose levels can damage your blood vessels and obstruct your body’s blood circulation. Therefore, drinking coffee helps your follicles underneath your scalp to be nourished with oxygen and nutrients.

Like other essential oils, the oily substance extracted from coffee beans is also beneficial to your scalp. The plant sterols found in the oil help lock in moisture and keep your strands soft and hydrated.

Let’s not forget the fact that coffee also serves as your antioxidant booster. Your mane needs antioxidants to battle hair growth inhibitors like scalp inflammations and oxidative stress.

Using Coffee for Your Hair Care Regimen

Besides slurping your favourite coffee beverage, you can add coffee in your hair care regimen. Here are three easy ways of using coffee for hair treatments.

1. Coffee grounds as a scalp exfoliator

Drinking coffee can be a zero-waste activity. You can still upcycle your used coffee grounds as an exfoliating scrub. Gently massage your scalp using this natural hair growth stimulant. This coffee exfoliator promotes proper blood circulation on your scalp, which rejuvenates your hair follicles. Its coarse texture helps to smooth your hair cuticles and remove dirt and oil accumulation. You can mix any essential oil with your coffee grounds to give your hair extra moisture.

2. Coffee granules as a natural hair dye

Most of the time, hair makeovers are utterly expensive. However, you can now colour your hair without spending bucks for synthetic hair dyes. Coffee granules can be used to darken your hair temporarily. In making a coffee-based hair dye, you need your brewed dark-roast coffee and its granules, and your hair conditioner. Combine all the ingredients before lathering the homemade colour on your strands.

3. Brewed coffee as a coffee rinse

This method is the simplest way to nourish your hair with coffee. The excess brewed coffee in your pot is perfect for your coffee rinse. Once the liquid has cooled down, gently pour the solution on your scalp. Ensure that all strands are damp with coffee. Relax for half an hour before cleansing your locks with water.

Coffee for Hair Growth: Is it Worth Trying?

The world has been blessed with coffee. A single cup of this aromatic drink can offer a burst of health benefits. Thanks to coffee, people now have more options to use for treating their mane. Use coffee, a natural and toxic-free ingredient for your hair care needs.

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