1 Tablespoon of Coconut Oil Boost Heart Health

Boost Heart Health with 1 Tablespoon of Coconut Oil, According to the recent clinical study findings, daily consumption of a tablespoon of coconut oil will accelerate the weight loss process and boost heart health.

coconut oil

These findings provide great hope for diabetics, overweight people, as well as those with cardiovascular disease. Unfortunately, these health conditions can’t be treated by any conventional medicine in the pharmaceutical industry.

This study focused primarily on evaluating the impacts of an extra virgin coconut oil-based treatment, especially on the relation between the consumption of the oil and the HDL cholesterol levels, among other anthropometric evaluations.

 The study involved individuals aged 55-69 years, 64% of them being men. All the participants had high blood pressure, whereas only 5% lacked blood lipid profiles, signifying dyslipidemia. They used a treatment that encompassed drugs that minimize cholesterol levels.

In the first three months of the study, 136 participants were subjected to one standard diet. Only 116 participants managed to pass this first phase, after which they were divided into two groups.

The first group of 22 participants continued with the standard diet. Simultaneously, the other 94 were subjected to a somewhat modified diet that included a teaspoon of extra virgin coconut oil every day.

Result Of Using Coconut oil for Three Moths

After another three months, the study findings showed that the group that took coconut oil had experienced a drop in all the six parameters that were examined in the study:

  • Weight – 0.6 kilos
  • Waist Circumference – about 2.1 cm
  • Neck Perimeter – about 4 cm
  • BMS or Body-Mass index – 0.2 per square meter
  • Diastolic Blood Pressure – 3.5 points
  • Systolic Blood Pressure – 3.3 points

Also, their HDL cholesterol levels had increased.

Hence, the study scientists concluded that non-pharmacological interventions are integral in managing and regulating risk factors in secondary prevention among individuals struggling with coronary diseases.

Moreover, they found that a diet packed with extra virgin coconut oil leads to a gradual rise of the HDL cholesterol concentrations, in addition to a waist circumference reduction.

As such, these study findings are critical and reveal the essential properties of this oil. The most popular pharmaceutical drugs used to elevate HDL cholesterol levels aren’t scientifically based. They are not so effective and even pose a danger to your health.

For example, patients with deficient HDL-C levels who use statins don’t experience significant positive effects. Furthermore, pharmaceutical medicines for controlling HDL cholesterol can cause myriad severe side-effects. Hence, the use of this all-natural and safe oil can be greatly beneficial.

Additionally, one of the key factors for cardiovascular complications and cardiac mortality is abdominal obesity or midsection fat. Therefore, to avert heart diseases and lower the risk of cardiovascular problems, you’re advised to eat a diet that can naturally raise the HDL-C cholesterol levels and support the stabilization of the waist circumference, as well as Body Mass Index.

 Another scientific study confirmed the positive effects of coconut oil in the case of Alzheimer’s. After consuming a dose of medium-chain triglycerides obtained from this beneficial oil, patients experienced enhanced cognitive functions within just a few hours.

Therefore, you should consider doing more research on your own to find out the wonderful benefits of using coconut oil, plus other effective methods to minimize abdominal fat and maximize HDL cholesterol.

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