Body Butter For Skin

Body Butter For Skin: 4 Benefits, Uses & Side Effects

Body butter – the king of all moisturizers. Yes, body butter is a superior alternative to regular body moisturizers as they are more nourishing and hydrating in nature. Typically loaded with shea butter and coconut/vegetable-based oils, body butter is thicker and creamier than most lotions and body creams. 

What more, they come in beautiful fragrances and scents that make them even more appealing! Apply a dollop of your favorite body butter after your daily shower (while your skin is moist). This will help keep your skin hydrated, nourished, and oh-so-soft all day long.

Body Butter For Skin

Let’s take a look at the benefits and uses of body butter in detail:

Refreshing and glowing skin

Regular use of body butter can give you healthy, glowing skin. Take this Nourishing Body Butter by Clovia Botaniqa, for example. It contains aloe vera extracts that help cleanse the skin and give it a refreshed glow from within. With no toxins, paraben, or sulfate, this body butter is enriched with organic extracts like argan oil and vitamin C that leave your skin feeling soft and supple.

Improves skin texture and reduces scars

 Owing to the presence of rich essential oils and antioxidants, body butter can significantly help improve skin texture, making your skin appear softer and younger. Moreover, they also help reduce stretch marks and scars. This Citrus Butter by WOW Skin Science is a great example. Loaded with the goodness of vitamin C, it rejuvenates dry, dull skin and gives it a boost of nourishment. 

 Perfect for winters

Winters can be so harsh to our skin. The cold climate outside can leave our skin feeling utterly dehydrated from within. But make body butter your best friend for the winter, and you will never have to worry about dry skin at all! Yes, most women swear by the use of body butter during winters. And, this Country Rose Body Butter by Nykaa is the perfect butter for dry skin. It is packed with shea and cocoa butter and vitamin E and jojoba extracts that offer all-day moisturization and protection from UV damage.

 Soothing to the hands with body butter

  There’s so much that we do with our hands daily. Right from eating, cooking, washing to typing away on a laptop, our hands are at the center stage of it all. And given the current situation, constant washing is making our hands even drier! Good body butter can also be excellent hand cream. This almond, milk, and honey body butter by The Body Shop has been specially formulated to soothe, restore and protect dry, sensitive skin. Apply generously on clean, washed hands, especially massaging onto your knuckles and palms for better results.

 Pamper the feet

 A long day at work or an even longer night in high heels can leave our feet feeling tired, sore, and dry. But did you know that body butter can help here too? Yes! Pamper your feet at home by soaking them up in a little warm bath and massaging a generous amount of body butter into your soles. This Choco Body Butter by MCaffeine contains cocoa butter that helps deeply moisturize the skin and repairs any skin damage. 

There is no denying that body butter is a boon to our bodies. Body butter may not be best for the face as they are not suitable for all skin types. Someone with oily or acne-prone skin type should avoid applying body butter to their face, but if you have normal to dry skin, then these won’t do you harm. Nonetheless, body butter is moisturizing and nourishing, and applying them to your body will only leave you with soft, supple, and healthy-looking skin. 

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