Bridal Makeup Tips – The Best Methods of Bridal Makeup

Bridal Makeup TipsYour dream has finally come true. You are now engaged to the love of you, and the big day is just around the corner. Many congratulations! If you go around looking for the most popular opinion related to the wedding, most will say that the hard part is over. You have finally found the man of your dreams. But those who have made an attempt to plan a wedding actually know how true this is. In fact, finding a spouse is just the beginning of the many hurdles to come your way. Here we will discuss the best methods of bridal makeup.

For instance, you read about all the best wedding plannings on the internet. You’ve already fallen down this rabbit hole. It is already too overwhelming and you are thinking to yourself that you can’t take any more of it. And then comes the dreaded makeup. Well, the makeup itself is not dreaded but finding the best methods of bridal make up can be. All of this is becoming so irrefutable that you think you are near to a nervous breakdown.

DIY Bridal Makeup Tips

DIY Bridal Makeup TipsBut wait! Don’t get too overwhelmed as we have lined up just the right methods to how to do wedding makeup yourself or how to do makeup at home for a party. The DIY bridal makeup tips we have organized here are totally realistic as compared to the most you will come across. It doesn’t have any dramatic touch to it that attempting it would be eerily impossible for the brides. This is perhaps one of the most photographed days in their lives, it can be exhilarating. So it needs to be perfect.

There are many experts agreeing to the fact that bridal makes can sometimes be too tricky to handle. There are many who are hard to tackle when it comes to bridal makeup. They thoroughly believe that the makeup has to bring out the best version of the bride. It should be clean, it should be classic. Therefore, there is no point in overdoing it. Leave that for some other day.

Now, do you realize where we are heading with all this? Yes, we are trying to say that makeup is all not that difficult. But at the same time, DIY can sometimes be dramatic. But you need a makeup plan to be able to do the best you can for yourself. You need to try to make wedding makeup natural as possible, and look as real as possible. This can only be possible when you have the best methods of bridal makeup, you know how to do wedding makeup yourself. And if you are a guest, no point in running down to the parlour to have your makeup done. You should know how to do makeup at home for a party. That’s how it should be!

Bridal Makeup

Bridal Makeup Tips For The Best Wedding Makeup Natural Look

Round up brides to be, or those who are close to the brides and want to do their makeup on their own. Here are the best methods of bridal make up for that all wedding makeup natural look and feel. But for that, you need a makeup plan.

Follow these bridal makeup techniques on how to do wedding makeup yourself or how to do makeup at home for a party. See the results for yourself.

  • False Lashes Or Loose Powder?

False LashesEvery bride has worn false lashes on her wedding day. But there are many brides to be in a quest for lashes that are fringe plush. Here is a tip you can add to your best methods of bridal makeup. These should be plush enough to rival the fake ones. They should definitely try lash extensions for their dream day wedding. That said, if you are not looking for a struggle with flue and faux strips, we have an alternative for you. You can dust up some loose powder on the lashes – and we mean your original ones. You need to do this before you put on the mascara. This is yet a very simple and super effective alternate to applying fake lashes or competing with Kim Kardashian’s.

Now that the powder is dusted evenly, you can apply the mascara. Do it carefully not to sip the powder everywhere as you need to apply on top of it. When you reach your lashes base, you need to make sure you wiggle the brush a bit. This will help in separating the lashes more evenly and make them voluminous. This is a technique for the equal and even distribution of your loose powder formula.

However, there is one more thing you need to keep in mind. It’s always preferable to use a mascara that is waterproof. It should be in every case, either you use the fake lashes or not. There are teary moments at a wedding. If you don’t use waterproof mascara, it could ruin your efforts. This is one of the best methods of bridal makeup while applying mascaras.

Are you done now? Ta-da! See how luscious your lashes are. And the best part! They won’t slide down or fall of the hallway through your big wedding evening.

  • The Eye Masks Should Do Multitasking

Eye MasksWhen you are having a skincare ritual, its best and essential to make use of eye masks, especially before your wedding event. They can do a lot of things for your eyes from soothing, brightening, depuffing to smoothing the most delicate area on your face. You need that area to look flawless. Remember, its the same place where you can get those dreaded dark spots. So yeah, you need to be careful. And to make your wedding makeup natural, you need to ensure that area is clear and smooth.

The eye masks help in clearing the skin even before the application of any makeup. That said, they have this unique shape and unobtrusive size which means you can multitask with them.

For instance, while applying eye makeup, there will be pigments falling all over that place. But the eye masks can cover for you. They will allow your face to stay clean from all the mess the eye makeup is making.

Done with that? Now how about using the masks as templates to make that perfect cat-eye. Wow! Didn’t think of it that way. Its a DIY you can easily, and I mean EASILY achieve. All you need to do is ensure that the patches are closely aligned with your lash line and eye’s corner. If you have this achieved, no amount of wobble will disrupt in attaining that perfect look.

And yes, here’s a pro tip you can take with you. Before you use the liquid liner, it’s best you do a test try with a pencil first. This will give you the durable and dimensional wing that you need for that perfect application.

Care to add this to your list of best methods of bridal makeup? I definitely would.

  • Layering The Blush For Attaining A Flawless Flush

Flawless FlushHow to do wedding makeup yourself or how to do makeup at home for a party doesn’t sound too exhilarating now, does it? With the best methods of bridal make up that will help get that wedding makeup natural feel, here is another workable tip you should definitely try.

You need a natural flush. You can attain it courtesy of a cream blush. Many experts explain that you can get dewiness with the help of these creams. They let you get that dewiness and colour you’re after. However, that said, the powder formulas are more lasting than the cream ones. And since the event can go on for the entire day, by the end of the evening, chances are the flush is going to wear off completely. But wait! We have a solution to that too. When you are done flushing with the cream, you can apply the powder blush to retain that colour and glow not only during the ceremony but also through the wedding afterparty.

Experts are of the opinion that the blush can last even longer than you can imagine, despite you forgetting to put on primer or any spray for the setting.

Once the skin has allowed the cream blush to soak in properly, but at the same time is slightly tacky, you now need to buff lightly the coordinating formula of powder application.

Now, how’s that for best methods of bridal make up? Pretty cool, huh! It’s so satisfying knowing that you are on the right track of how to do wedding makeup yourself or how to do makeup at home for a party. Oh yes! Even the guests can apply these techniques. Just remember not to be a little too heavy-handed on the makeup though. Remember, you’re NOT THE BRIDE.

  • Highlight Your Way To More Than Just Skin Brightening

HighlighterMany people might not realize the true powers of a highlighter. Many brides are after timeless wedding pictures. They avoid the trends that are going on. Which is exactly they don’t wish to go for something like full strobes on the day of their wedding. Having said that, there’s no point in missing out on subtle illuminations that can you incorporate to your bridal makeup.

While you shouldn’t be applying the highlighter directly on to your lips, at the same time, the product helps in giving that special hint of sultry balminess. At the same time, your teeth can also seriously look quite bright this way.

  • Creating That Eye-Opening Illusion

Eye-Opening IllusionHave you heard of the ‘inner V’ of the eyes? This is a valuable trick that you can use not only for your bridal makeup routine or when you are in the making of your bridal makeup plan, but you can also use this method any time you want. But on the big day, this is a method that will definitely make a huge difference.

When you apply this method, be assured to have a much brighter and bigger feel of the eyes. If you are one of those who have always wished to have those doll-like looks, then this is definitely the best methods of bridal make up to write down.

All you have to do is create a very soft and subtle ‘V’ shape look by making a connection of both the lower and upper lashlines with the inner fifth of your eye. You can create lines to do so. Once you are done, you need to blend so that there are no harsh edges left.

Now its entirely your choice if you wish to use a formula that has a shimmery finish or matte. However, you need to know that both finishes will help you in achieving similar results. Having said that, experts are of the opinion that you should definitely go for the matte finish by using a pencil when you have deep concerns about your lines. The reason being the shimmer can easily sit in your wrinkles and make them even more noticeable than before.

  • Make Your Final Look Glowy And Avoid Greasy By Using Strategic Mattifying

Look GlowyYou probably must have heard of the ultra-popular and super satisfying ‘Baking’ method. This is a method that you can easily apply. It’s more serviceable too. Those brides after the dewy look should place the setting powder on certain areas; places that are likely prone to oiliness.

You want radiance – the second name of grease – in your pictures. You need to avoid the greasy part but still be able to get radiance. And this is perhaps the best technique to attain that. With this method, you will be able to achieve a balance between the highlighting and shimmery shadow formulas that you apply.

Which concludes our best methods of bridal make up. See, how easy it is to attain flawless makeup? Having a makeup plan can seriously go a long way. You can easily get that wedding makeup natural look that you’ve always wanted.

Now that we have rounded up techniques on how to do makeup at home for a party or the perfect methods how to do wedding makeup yourself, you are all set to get your hair done and put your gown on. Our part of sharing the best methods of bridal make up is done.

best methods of bridal makeup

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