Pedicure – The Best Home Version Of Beauty Tips For Feet

PedicureLove it when you go to the spa or salon to get those feet treated? Well, perhaps the feet are one of the most ignored body parts. But when they get the attention they deserve, and they are perfectly pedicured, you just feel in love with them. In this topic, we will discuss pedicure tips at home.

Sounds so intriguing that I want to search the internet right away for the best DIY beauty tips for feet. The best way for that would be a pedicure. And not just any random one, a fully professional pedicure at home service.

There have been many times when I give my feet a professional at-home pedicure service. I promise to do it more often too. I make all these promises about looking after my feet with the best foot care tips. And to be careful when my feet are they are freshly pedicured. But, alas! I always fail at it.

But I don’t want you to do the same with you. To be able to have the best looking feet, you need to look after them exactly the way you look after other parts of the body. Pedicure and the best DIY beauty tips for feet will let you achieve that.

A Regular Visit To The Salon?

You might be thinking that in order to keep the feet nice and pretty, a regular visit to the salon is a must. In fact, you will need to go there every ten days. That’s a lot of visits a month. But then again, a pedicure for men and women after this long will surely be effective too. However, the more you go to the salon, the more expensive the whole thing is going to get. Spending this much on the feet… Many will just say, so leave it at that. It’s pointless to spend this much on the feet. So your feet are back to where they were, to begin with. But wait! Don’t go back. You can still have the best looking feet. All you need is an at-home pedicure service. Trust me, it won’t be as expensive too. Doing your own pedicure at home with some amazing beauty tips for feet will give you the incredible outcome. This is the one mistake we do when doing a pedicure for men or women at home. We don’t equip ourselves with the foot care tips needed to get the best results.

Pedicure At Saloon

Here’s the good news. We have lined up all the amazing foot care tips as well as beauty tips for feet for a pedicure that you can try at home. Some of these are from experts who love taking care of them. Now you can do salon-style Pedi at home. And that too with less amount of money.

At-Home Pedicure Service And Beauty Tips For Feet

Let’s have a look at the beauty tips for feet that will allow you to have a pedicure for men and women in the comforts of your very house.

  • A High-Quality Nail Polish Remover For Best Results

Nail Polish RemoverThere’s no point in rubbing the foot nails intensely to get rid of the nail polish. If you have a good quality product, then let the remover do its thing. You need to completely remove every bit of nail polish from the feet. Use a cotton pad for that. Soak it a bit in the remover and then gently rub the cotton on your toenails.

Here’s one key point to add to your foot care tips. Not having any nail polish doesn’t mean you don’t need to use it. If you want to, you can still use the product to remove any excess oil. That is entirely your choice.

  • The Feet Soaking Process

Feet Soaking ProcessAny at-home pedicure service requires you to follow similar techniques that of a salon. What do they do? They take some lukewarm water and allow your feet to soak in that for some time. You can do the same. Fill up a tub with water that’s not too hot, should be lukewarm, add some soap in it or anybody wash that you have. Soak in your feet for about 10-15 minutes. Since this once includes in your beauty tips for feet, here’s a beauty tip for your face. While you’re at it, you can try out a mask on the face that you’ve always wanted to and couldn’t find the time to do so.

  • Removing All The Dead Skin

Dead Skin For FeetIts now time to get rid of all the dead skin. Once when you soaked your feet for a fair amount of time, they are now soft enough so you can easily remove all the skin that’s rough and dead and gives your feet a very unpleasant look. Use a foot filer for the purpose. But before that, dry up your feet well enough. Gently rub it all around the feet, especially the heels and sides of your feet. You also need to pay pretty good attention to your feet balls. Be gentle; don’t overdo it. Let the areas turn smooth.

  • Shaping The Nails

Shaping The NailsBeauty tips for feet a good pedicure also include keeping your nails in good shape. You need to file shape them beautifully. But before that, trim down the nails to an even length. You can give them whichever shape you want. Now gently file the nails, especially around the corners. Once done, you can buff them to make them much smoother.

While you trim down the nails, make sure you don’t cut the cuticles. You will see the staff at the salon is also careful with this while doing your pedicure. That’s never a healthy thing to do for the nails. So add this to your foot care tips and regime.

  • Application Of Cuticle Oil

Cuticle Oil

The next thing to do in your pedicure at home regime is applying cuticle oil. Apply on your nail’s base. Here is a thing about the oil. It will keep your feet soft enough as well as moisturized. Moreover, your nail polish won’t chip as much because of the oil.

  • Apply Moisturizer

Apply MoisturizerHere are beauty tips for feet that you should really follow if you want your feet to look pretty. Using a lotion that has a scent in them will always make the nail polish crack. Its, therefore, never a wise choice to make. Instead, what you should do is use lotions that don’t have any fragrances in them to keep the feet moisturized.

We share this with you based on expert advice.

  • Toe Separator For Prepping The Nails

Toe Separator

When you are doing pedicure for men and women, always – and we mean ALWAYS – use a toe separator. That’s the most ideal thing to do for you. You won’t make a mess of your feet, and applying paint will be pretty easy too.

  • The Base Coat Application

Base Coat ApplicationNow its time for the application of Base Coat. Do that and let it sit there for two minutes. You need to make sure it’s dry. This is a tip for a pedicure for men and women, both.

Experts say that the base coat is there to let the nail polish sink into something other than your real nails.

  • Doing The Damn Thing Finally

nail paint

You need a double application of your nail paint. But between the two coats, there should be a two-minute gap in order for the first one to be dry.

  • A Quick-Drying Coat On Top Is The Last Thing To Do

Quick Drying CoatFor your last thing for your pedicure at home, you need to finish the whole process with a topcoat. This is to maintain high lustre and shine on the nails.

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