A Handy Guide To Various Whiskey Styles 6 Tips

A Handy Guide To Various Whiskey Styles, The prestigious world of whiskey offers so many exciting products to all those ready to explore various styles, all unique in their way. Each whiskey has a distinctive character decisive for all whiskey enthusiasts when choosing their favorite brand or style.

Whiskey Style

Whiskey is around for quite some time, and its variations make everything exciting with each new product coming on our shelves in the form of a delicious spirit enjoyed by all with a sense of class.

For all those taking the first steps into the world of whiskey, different styles can mislead and often confuse them with so much new information battling in their mind.

To make things simple, we took the basics and put together a handy guide to all those struggling to understand different whiskey styles.

Guide to Understand Different whiskey styles

Irish Whiskey

Many would claim that Irish whiskey is the grandfather of all styles and that nothing would be the same without it paving the path for the rest. If you are opening Google and typing “liquor near me,” you are most likely looking for some Irish whiskey.

As you might have guessed, Irish whiskey can only come from Ireland, and the production style behind it puts it in a class of its own.

Whiskey distilleries in Ireland often used bourbon barrels to age their spirit no shorter than three years in their cellars. Anything under three years old is still not ready to hit the shelves.

Special treatments and keeping the whiskey far from fire in the distillation process ensure it doesn’t get the smoky flavor like some other whiskey styles.


Bourbon is another whiskey style that many enthusiasts will prefer when enjoying a fine glass. Its distinctive character perfectly fits time spent making small talks with friends or enjoying time spent solely after a long day at work.

Bourbon got its name from the Bourbon County in Kentucky, and it’s a favorite style in the USA without a doubt.

The US law strictly regulates bourbon production by allowing only regulated spirits with a minimum of 51% corn used in the distillation process next to other grains to fill the gap.

American bourbon can only get its distinctive flavor from fresh new barrels used for each aging which must be a minimum of two years. Distillers char the barrels with fire before pouring fresh batch to get the smoky flavor famous for this style.

Canadian Whiskey

Canadians primarily use corn or wheat besides rye and barley. The same with other types of whiskey, Canadian whiskey comes only from Canada, and nothing can take its name if it comes from elsewhere.

Canadians preferably use the spelling whisky instead of widely accepted whiskey used in other countries. Only Canada and Scotland use the spelling whisky, but it’s correct in both ways. 

A special distilled process makes a unique spirit preferred by many Canadians that wouldn’t switch to any other whiskey style out from their region.

For beginners, Canadian whiskey is one of the best for taking the first steps, as it’s one of the smoothest and light-bodied spirits. It’s perfect for making cocktails, as it won’t dominate the mixture.

Canadians love to age their whiskey a bit longer than average, and you will find many of them aged around six years before hitting the shelves. The long process of aging gives the Canadian whiskey a distinctive character adored by many.


One of the most iconic whiskey styles comes from the beautiful country of Scotland, and it’s one of the most common names you’ll hear in the whiskey community.

Scots famously produce single malts and blended scotches, and some of the best brands in the world can’t match their expertise when distilling these fine spirits.

When asking any of the Scots about their whiskey style, they will deny the existence of any other brands as they think scotch is the only real deal.

Distilleries in Scotland use their unique techniques to create some of the finest whiskeys dominating the top shelves in prestigious whiskey bars across the world.

Smokey flavor is the dominating part of scotch, but each region of Scotland produces its unique flavor. Therefore, different scotch brands will defer from each other, giving lots of options you can choose from.

Why Start Drinking Whiskey

Whiskey is one of the most iconic spirits in history, and many enjoy consuming it daily. You will often hear the term that whiskey separates a man from a boy.

Whiskey is a culture of its own, and consuming it will open up a new world of prestige where you will meet many sharing the same taste.

Taking the first steps into the world of whiskey will make you fall in love with this spirit almost instantly, and that’s only the beginning.

Many different styles will make you come back from more, and there’s where you’ll hook yourself forever.

The Bottom Line

We tried to keep it short and simple, but whiskey is the thing you need to learn much more to become an expert.

Enjoy the world of whiskey and embark on a journey that will make you fall in love with one of the finest and prestigious spirits in history.

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