9 Exercise to Burn Fat in 14 Days

The vast majority of girls and a good number of guys want to have an attractive body and a slim fit stomach, If you belong to this group of people and are looking for a way to improve the look of your body, you will indeed find a fat-burning Machine or have to do various exercises.

9 Exercise to Burn Fat in 14 Days

Exercises to Burn Abdominal Fat

Moves for beginners

Butterfly crunch

Target: Six-pack (rectus abdominus)

Start by lying on the back with the knees bent out to the sides and place the soles of your feet as close as you can to the rest of the body. Keep your elbows in the same line with your ears and put your hands behind your head. With your stomach muscles contracted and your back flat on the floor, curl up your chest towards your legs for a couple of inches of the foot. Then back to the starting point and repeat this about ten times.

Side to side

Target: Sides (obliques)

Start by lying flat on your back with your arms on the sides and your feet and your knees flat on the floor. Next, extend your right hand toward the right foot by exhaling, and remember that the lower back should be pressed against the floor, and the neck and head should be aligned. Then go back to the initial position. Do 15 reps for this.

Front plank

Target: Transverse abdominals

For this, you will need to start on your hands and knees then proceed to drop to your forearms. You need to keep your ab muscles contracted and the neck relaxed as you extend your legs out behind you to rest on the balls of your fit. Next, keep the back straight in a plank position and your hips up, hold the stance for 3 seconds, and repeat ten times.

Intermediate moves

Fingers to toes

Target: six-pack

Lie on your back with your hands at your side and your legs extended towards the ceiling and crunch up from your waist and raise your hands in the direction of your feet to touch the toes, then back to the initial position. Do this 15 times. 


Target: Obliques

Rest your fingers behind your bed while lying down. Then, keeping your abdominal muscles tight, raise the left knee and make your proper elbow touch it. Go back to the initial position, and this time your right knee goes to your left elbow. This is one repetition. You should do 15.

Reverse crunch using a resistance band

Target: transverse abdominals

With your knees bent, lie on your back. Your arms should be at your side with the end of a band in each of the hands. Round the bar on the tops of your shin and then raise the knees inclining towards the chest until your hips have no contact with the floor. Hold the posture for about 3 seconds, then slowly resume the initial position after holding for about 3 seconds. You can do two sets of 10 reps each.

Advanced moves

Knee ups

Target: rectus abdominus

Use chairs to support your weight using their backrests. Your elbows should bend slightly, and the shoulders slightly tucked down with the neck relaxed. The chin and the head should be lifted, and abs tightened. Without swinging back and forth, bring the knees to your chest and complete 15 reps in 3 sets.

Leg swings

Target: Obliques

With your legs pointing up and the arms by your side, lie on your back. Tighten your abs and bend your leg about 5 inches from the ground. Take the portion back down to the floor and repeat the same with the opposite leg and repeat 15 times for each leg.

Ball leg lift

Target: Transverse abdominals

You will need some props for this. Lie on the ball with your face in contact with the ball, then roll forward such that your legs are the ones left with the communication of the ball and your hands on the floor. Keep the back straight and lift one of the legs towards the ceiling, keeping the other straight. Hold for a couple of seconds, then take it down and repeat the same with the opposite leg. Again, the form is critical here to do two repetitions with emphasis on the proper format.

If you are not ready to sweat and don’t enough time to do so much exercise, let’s have a slimming cavitation machine. This machine is ideal for those people who rarely have time for workouts.

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