7 Regrowing Vegetables that you can Regrow at home

7 Regrowing Vegetables that you can Regrow at home, Who doesn’t love food that can be regrown? While this procedure is simple, you may need to put a little more effort into succeeding. All in all, it is a fun project, especially when you have children to demonstrate the cycle of life too. Here are seven

Regrowing Vegetables

Regrowing vegetables that you can regrow in an easy and fast way:


Basil: Regrowing Vegetables

Place basil clippings, with 3-4 inch stems, in a glass of water before exposing them to direct sunlight. When the roots have grown to about 2 inches, you can transfer them to a pot, and you’ll have a new basil plant soon.

Bok Choy: Regrowing Vegetables

Place the root end of bok choy in some water in a natural-lit room. Transfer the plant to a pot with soil after 1-2 weeks. You’ll have a new head soon.

Romaine Lettuce: Regrowing Vegetables

Place some romaine lettuce stumps in 1/2 inch of water. Then, regularly refill the water to ensure the amount remains the same. You’ll notice new leaves and roots after a few days, and it’ll be time to transfer the plant into a pot with soil.

Garlic: Regrowing Vegetables

Put some garlic sprouts in a glass with some water to regrow them. Then, you can use these sprouts in your salads, pasta, or other dishes.

Scallions: Regrowing Vegetables

Place the roots of a scallion (green onion), plus an inch left, in a small glass of water. Then, keep the glass in a room with plenty of natural light.


Cut off the base of your celery and put it in a shallow bowl filled with warm water. Keep the bowl in the sun. You should notice new leaves growing in the middle of the base before you transplant them to the soil.


Place some carrot tops in a dish containing some water. Then, place the container in a well-lit room or on a window sill. You can use the new carrot tops in your salads.

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