7 Nail Condition Linked to Serious Diseases

Nail condition Linked to Serious Diseases, According to many professionals, our nails suffer the most when we don’t properly care for our bodies. Furthermore, the supplements we consume will reach pins last after getting to all the other body parts.

As such, the condition of the nails is a significant indicator of internal problems in the body. They could show signs of anaemia, nutritional deficiency, as well as thyroid complications. Nails can also indicate other health complications in the body. In that light, here are seven common nail conditions that show that you’re suffering from a complicated internal issue:

1. Soft nails

Cause: iron deficiency

Solution: You need to take iron-rich foods three times a day, plus 325 milligrams of iron sulfate.

2. White spots

Cause: nail injury and inadequate zinc levels

Solution: Consume 50 milligrams of zinc daily. You can find it in red meat, peas, and pumpkin seeds.

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3. Brittle nails

Cause: Dehydration, lack of iron and vitamin B

Solution: Take a milligram of Biotin ultra 2-3 times a day for six months. Pregnant mothers are advised to consult their doctors before using Biotin. Intake of calcium, gelatin, and colloid minerals supplements can also be helpful.

4. Yellow nails

Cause: Excessive use of nail polish, which causes nails to lack air or vitamin E.

Solution: Take 400 mg of vitamin E twice a day. Consumption of hazelnuts, almonds, sweet potatoes, wheat germ, and peanuts can also be beneficial.

5. Ridges or horizontal dents

Cause: Trauma, psoriasis, nutritional deficiency, lack of essential nutrients, and high fever from undergoing surgery.

Solution: Take 55 grams of protein daily, as well as vitamin A up to 10,000 IU. Also, consider taking 3 milligrams of diet silicon daily to strengthen your nails.

6. Vertical ridge

Cause: malnutrition

Solution: Polish your nails using some chamois buffer and almond oil up to 4 times a week, lest you damage the nail layers.

7. Fungus

Cause: Exposure of the nails to dampness and warmth, where microorganisms develop and thicken the nail. Consequently, one part of the nail breaks away from the nail bed, resulting in greenish, yellowish, or messy nails.

Solutions: Soak the nails in anti-bacterial pure tea oil a couple of times a day until the condition improves. Alternatively, you can take 200 milligrams of myrrh three times a day.

At times, severe nail complications can lead to fatigue. As such, you need to consult your doctor for proper treatment, as they might be a manifestation of a more complicated health issue as follows:

  • upward/bending nails – Thyroid infection
  • blue nail bed – blood flow issue
  • fragile nails – hyperthyroidism/hypo
  • red nail bed – coronary illness
  • yellow nails – chronic bronchitis
  • white nail bed – liver infection

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