6 Disadvantages of Mountain Dew

6 Disadvantages of Mountain Dew, Wars, hunger epidemics, poverty, disease breakouts, and poverty have been part and parcel of human history. Many people have died, and we don’t like it. However, all these killers are not addictive as these colored sugary beverages called Mountain Dew are consumed every day by millions!

Mountain Dew

Barney and Ally Hartman of Tennessee first invented the mountain Dew formula in 1940. In 1958 Bill Bridgforth slightly altered it, and the Tip Corporation of Marion purchased the rights. After this, it was entirely changed to what we have in the market today. Pepsi-Cola bought the requests, and they became the owners of the “Green Monster.”

Mountain Dew has gained popularity with a cult-like following in some regions like the Appalachian Mountains. The drink is killing many people worldwide and is being ignored while its consumption continues to rise.

Very acidic than you know

Children are warned to stay away from batteries due to acidity. Stats by the National Institutes of Health and the US National Library of Medicine show that Coke and Pepsi have acidity pH of 2.5 with Mountain Dew topping with 3.

Mountain Dew can Mess your Reproductive Organs.

You must have heard the rumors that Mountain Dew has been shrinking the manhood. The bottles and cans that the sugary drink comes in interfere with your hormones. The linings in the can and plastic bottle have BPA, which protects them from getting corroded by the acid in the drink. When the researchers studied it, it was found that this compound directly impacts the infertility rate.

Other impacts include:

  • Tumors to the reproductive organs
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Alterations in the beta cells in the pancreas
  • Thyroid dysfunction

Misleading Advertising

Every product has a misleading marketing catchphrase. M&M’s use “it melts in your mouth.” Red Bull entices people with it gives “you wing,” and Mountain Dew’s catchphrase is “Game Fuel.”

Daily, thousands of overzealous gamers spend time on their games while gulping down tons of Mountain Dew. The Environmental Health News reports that they spend as much as 12 hours a day continuously consuming sodas. Other people are affected as well; Honey Boo Boo takes a lethal combination of Mountain Dew and Red Bull before her performances.

Pepsi Acknowledged This

Many would think that this is a lie and may not trust the researchers, but would only believe Pepsi approved the information. In 2012, Ronald Ball came across something jelly-like with a rancid taste in his Mountain Dew. When he poured out the content, he found what looked like a dissolving mouse! He prosecuted Pepsi Cola, armed with the proof. The company acknowledged that the mouse had ‘dissolved’ in the bottling-consumption period.

Use of GMO Products

If you still don’t believe these, know that it made of:

  • Genetically modified corn and soy
  • Sodium benzoate- a preservative that reacts strongly against vitamin C in Dew and produces carcinogens
  • BVO (banned in EU and Japan)
  • BPA
  • Yellow dye (a by-product of coal tar)

Together, these ingredients are toxic to the body, but Pepsi wants Mountain Dew fans to believe there is no danger in consuming these hazardous chemicals! According to Pepsi, BVO is approved by the FDA and is safe. BVO is an ingredient in other citrus-based beverages. The company is adamant that it uses safe products, and they adhere to guidelines set by the authority.

The main problem is that those who set and monitor the guidelines are the ex-employees of these big companies. Watch the movie Food Inc. and learn how the ‘revolving door’ works.

Lasting Effect of Mountain Dew

Several people are not aware of this silent killer, yet they know of chronic diseases such as cancer and obesity. The main worry is that Mountain Dew kills indirectly. It builds these illnesses with time, leading to death. This is not just another soda. The chemicals used in these drinks should have stayed where they belong – the lab – and should have never been used commercially for drinks.

How to Stop the Threat?

The manufacturers are significant, and you can not stop them. Just stop taking soda; it has no nutritional value. You are only destroying your health. If you must, drink water or make your juice or soda. This way, you control the ingredients and are much healthier.

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