5 Quick Tips to Stop Your Vape Coils Burning

5 Quick Tips to Stop Your Vape Coils Burning, A burning vape coil is one downside of vaping. It happens when the coil is too dry and is producing an awful taste. Every time you vaporize the juice, the wick gets a little dry and sucks up more juice from the tank for another puff. If the dry wick doesn’t suck up more e-juice, it will be exposed to the glowing hot vape coil and burn out. In most cases, various issues such as too much wattage, poor choice of the vape liquid, and an awful vaping habit cause a burnt vape coil.

However, this issue shouldn’t discourage you from vaping. There are several tips and tricks you can implement to prevent the problem from happening. While the leading solution is to have juice in the tank, sometimes it won’t be enough to stop the wick from burning. Here are quick tips on how to prevent your vape coil from burning.

Vape burning

1.    Use lower wattage settings.

Consistent use of high wattage can shorten the vape coil life. This is because the e-liquid will burn faster each time you draw a hit and cause an awful-tasting wick. While high wattage produces more clouds, it can also risk burning your coils. It is like talking about long and frequent drags. Always check your vape settings before using them to ensure they have low wattage settings. This can prevent the coil from getting dry when vaping by avoiding excess power. Heating the liquid higher than the required levels would cause the coil to run dry quickly.

Through temperature control, you can prevent the wick from burning. Several vape replacement pods have an option to set the maximum temperature for your coil that ensures it doesn’t burn. Whenever the wick reaches a maximum temperature, the equipment stops delivering power, thus solving the problem. Therefore, temperature control is one of the best solutions to this problem. By reducing the wattage setting, you can enjoy vaping for longer without stressing the coil. You won’t need to try other measures to solve this problem.

2.   Choose e-liquid wisely

Ensure you use the correct e-liquid when vaping to prevent the coil from burning. The vape juice should have less sweetener sugar for the sake of your vaping. E-liquids with a lot of added sweeteners can gunk up the coil and destroy it. This gunk collected from caramelized sugar prevents the wick from soaking up new juice, thus making it dry.

Today, the market has several vape juices that easily gunk up the coils. Examples are the coffee and dessert-inspired juices. For example, don’t use dark e-juices since they are taxed on the coil’s wick. These liquids are more likely to affect your wick than lighter e-juices. Instead, opt for less sugar in the vape juice.

Also, ensure you regularly top your vape tank to prevent the coil from burning. When the juice volume is low, it won’t soak in the wick well, causing the coil to dry. The liquid should always be in contact with the wick for easy soaking. Hence, top up your tank whenever the flavour diminishes. The tank should have enough juice at all times, which is possible to see with clear tanks. If the vape tank is not apparent, periodically check to ensure it’s not running out of juice.

3.   Stop chain vaping

The vape coil will quickly burn if you chain smoke. It will become hot and dry out when you continuously vape, thus risking burning. Therefore, consider adopting new and healthy vaping habits to help the coil last longer.

If you love taking draw after draw constantly, you need to relax and take vaping easy. Give the vape a chance to recover and allow the wick to soak up more juice again. If the flavour is drying out, it’s a sign that your coil is getting dry and needs time to soak up e-juice. Therefore, note the strength of your vape flavour and know when to give it a break.

When the flavour has started to diminish, stop vaping for a while to avoid burning the atomizer. Give it about ten minutes to get the wick saturated and allow the coil to cool down. The wick needs time to get soaked after vaping continuously.

4.   Prime your coil before vaping

You can quickly burn your coil if you cannot prime the atomizer head before vaping. Therefore, ensure the wick is completely saturated with the liquid before using it. Since the wick is too dry, wait for five minutes after filling the tank with the juice to vape. This ensures that the wick has enough liquid and is fully saturated.

While it’s difficult knowing when the wick is saturated, you can manually soak it by adding a few drops directly to the wick all the way around. This action is known as priming. Be careful not to saturate the wick and flood the coil.

5.    Choose e-juice with PG bases

Vaping with e-juice containing high VG content can cause your coil to burn. This is because high VG content is thick and affects the wick from soaking. When the wick is not adequately saturated, it’s likely to burn out. Juices with a VG content of over 70 are not appropriate for your coil.

Therefore, use e-juice containing less VG ratio and higher PG ratio. These liquids are thinner and soak into the wick well. They make it easy and fast for the wick to soak up and keep the coil cool. If your coil is constantly burning out, switch to an e-juice with a higher PG ratio. Also, vaping with high PG liquids means it takes less time between puffs as the wick soaks quickly. Alternatively, use vapes designed to deal with higher VG juices. For example, higher VG concentrations do not affect sub-ohm tanks.

The Bottom Line

You won’t enjoy vaping with a burnt-out coil and damaged wick. At the same time, the coils are not expensive. It can be a harrowing experience having to replace them too often without getting value out of them. The good news is, there are a few ways you can use to get more from the coil before it gives out. These tricks can help stop your vape coil from quickly burning. However, don’t let coil burning discourage you from vaping. If you apply any of these measures, you can continue to enjoy the aping experience without trouble.

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