5 Korean Skin Care Trends You Should Look For

The Korean skincare trends have become a hot topic amongst beauty buffs and skincare enthusiasts. You will be amazed to know that- it started as sheet masks and the famous BB creams we use in our routine. We will discuss 5 Korean Skin Care Trends here.

Why is the Korean beauty game so strong?

There are no second thoughts that- these days, Korea is in the limelight for targeting ingredient innovation, new regimes and beauty tech. Still, it’s also well-known for its laborious, multi-step approach. South Korea’s beauty industry has officially gone global, leaving behind France and Japan. And based on fondness and acceptance of its newer trends like the more minimalist “skin care” method, the ‘K-Beauty’ is definitely here to stay!

You must be eager to know what else these current K-beauty trends have to offer. So, I have compiled what’s trending K-beauty skincare trends, especially for you:

Glass skin

Skin CareGetting clear and radiant skin is the prime focus of the K-beauty regime! The main goal is to brighten the dark spots, blemishes and achieving a glowing complexion.

A skin that looks poreless, translucent and luminous just like glass indicates skin when it’s at its healthiest. And, healthy skin is ‘always-in’. The skin is in its happiest state when it is calm, well-hydrated, firmed up, and well-nourished.

Infuse your skin with a few drops derma essential vitamin c serum packed with antioxidants along with hyaluronic acid for deep hydration and niacinamide to help with dark spots which are essential to achieve glass skin.

Then comes the Ampoules which are already considered a K-Beauty must-have! These are often mistaken to be used as serums, but one thing that differentiates an ampoule is that it contains a high concentration of one active ingredient.

Voila! you are now one step closer in acing the Korean glass skin!

Understanding ‘skincare’

Skin Care TrendsThe multi-step or ’10-step’ is the famous full K- skincare regime, i.e. double cleansers, toners, essences, serums, ampoules, eye creams, moisturizers, SPF, exfoliators and sheet masks.

Skincare is not about ditching the ’10-step’, but providing suitable options for when you are super busy or during travel or workouts when a 10-step routine might not be likely! Its emphasis on primary skincare and focus on more concentrated or targeted treatments for acne, for instance.

Skincare came into picture only due Korean beauty industry which successfully combined various functions of different products into one product with distinct skincare advantages. One such product is the all in one- toner, serum and moisturizer serving its purpose!

The Cica (Centella Asiatica) skincare for a radiant you!

After anti-ageing, the skin healing category saw the most significant growth in skincare this year. The current trending antioxidant in the Korean beauty industry is Centella Asiatica aka ‘circa’ or ‘tiger grass’.

The Centella extract has proven and offers endless benefits like antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-cellulite, etc. It has a potential application only in antiaging cosmetics (for fine lines and wrinkles) but also for improving skin hydration. It is also used to complement and calm the dry and sensitive skin treatment and activate the skin renewal system.

Green Tea And Ginseng

Skin CareBy now you must have known the Korean love for natural skincare.

Koreans have perfected the science of nurturing and extracting the use of green tea as it has the highest polyphenolic content, i.e. EGCG. Green tea grown in fields of Jeju (Korean island) under optimal climate are the most potent tea leaves.

As per the 2012 study, the green tea catechin compound has a therapeutic effect on acne by suppressing inflammation.

Now, coming to ginseng, it is the main ingredient of many K-skincare formulations. This herbal root has revitalizing effects and works on the skin to restore the skin’s moisture balance, fighting signs of ageing and hyperpigmentation. It is only found naturally in a few places in the world, and Korean ginseng is valued the most! 

Anti-pollution products

Anti Pollution ProductsThe increasing pollution and toxification of the environment are no good for our health and even earth!

The pollutants play a significant role in damaging our skin barrier. They enter the skin pores and cause everything from redness (inflammation) to breakouts and even, premature ageing due to oxidative stress.

Avoiding pollution is not completely possible, but you can use skin care products that help protect against it. After all- the stronger and more resilient your skin barrier, the better it’ll be at stalling pollution!

So now you know Korean skincare trends, and you know what to do!

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