5 Benefits Of Adopting Hemp Clothing

Do you think wearing fashionable or expensive clothes will enhance your appeal? It may make you look cool. You may look voguish but make you feel guilty at the end of the day. Why? You can unwittingly contribute to the destruction of our planet by choosing such unsustainable clothing options. You can join the ethical fashion movement by choosing eco-friendly options while looking stylish.

Hemp clothing is an excellent option for an ethical wardrobe without compromising your sense of style. Celebrities like Michael Fassbender, Emma Watson, and many others have supported using more sustainable clothing options. You can adopt hemp as a part of your green living and become fashion icons.

Hemp Clothing

A Brief Glimpse Into Hemp

Hemp is often confused with marijuana. While both the plants are variants of the Cannabis Sativa plant, the difference comes in the THC levels. THC or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol is the psychoactive substance present in high levels in marijuana. Hence, taking marijuana can make you feel high, making it an unusable recreational product. But, hemp has low THC levels (less than 0.3%) used to make products like CBD, CBD oil, CBD skincare, etc. In earlier times, too, people used hemp to make many products. The cellulose fibre from the plant is used as raw material for several products such as

  • Jeans
  • Dresses
  • Bags
  • Canvas
  • Rope
  • Hats

The prohibition of hemp in 1920 caused the plant to fade into the shadows. Slowly people started using other alternatives and forgot about hemp. It received a fresh lease of life after the passing of Farmer Bill in 2014.

Benefits Of Hemp Clothing

Apart from the ecological sustainability of the hemp crop, the clothes produced from it offer a cost-effective alternative to the existing textiles. Hemp is a viable option with features to leave a strong mark on the fashion industry. It is interesting to note that many famous online fashion stores such as Nomad Hemp Wear, Junmaven, HoodLamb, and others have faith in hemp and have started a fashion line using the fabric. Let’s now discuss why you need to think about buying hemp clothing.

#1 Uses Less Water

From the cultivation point, hemp is favoured against cotton due to fewer water requirements for irrigation. Heavy irrigation can put a strain on freshwater supply. It can lead to the depletion of natural resources and increase the risk of topsoil erosion due to waterlogging. Also, hemp has minimal use of agrochemicals. This also reduces the risk of polluting natural water bodies like a stream, rivers, lakes, etc.

#2 You Can Look Voguish With Hemp Clothing

Hemp lothing wears well. It means you look chic and stylish by opting for the fabric without compromising on your comfort. The breathable fabrics absorb sweat and make you feel cool. Most of the time, you chuck out clothing from your wardrobe when it fades or loses its shape. With hemp clothing, you may not have to update your wardrobe constantly. It is easy to dye and does not fade quickly. It continues to hold shape even after multiple washes. But, after repeated washes, it becomes soft and gentle.

#3 Hemp Clothing Keeps You Microbe-Free

Body Odor is an issue during the summers. Instead of buying deodorants that last only for a few hours, you can choose hemp clothing. The durable fabric can fight against microbes and prevent the growth of Odor-causing bacteria. Why choose hemp when other textile fabrics can get antimicrobial properties with chemical treatment?  You need to realize that processing a fabric with chemicals compromises the aesthetic quality of our natural resources. Hence, it further harms our planet. The silver nanoparticles released during the chemical treatment can leach out of the fabric. It may pose a great threat to people and the environment. Hemp naturally avoids bacterial growth, which translates to

  • You may experience less body Odor.
  • It can reduce the chances of skin problems.
  • You can feel fresh with healthy skin.
  • It may protect sensitive areas.
  • Fewer loads of laundry.

#4 Softer Yet Stronger

Hemp clothing feels comfortable and lasts for a long time. It is an irresistible combo most of us look for while shopping for clothing. But, it does not mean you have to forgo your style. The stylish options available will reflect the inner fashionista. The fascinating aspect of the hemp fabric is that it is four times stronger compared to cotton. The tightly woven structure wears in without becoming weaker.

#5 Safeguards Your Skin

Hemp fabric can resist the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. We all know that exposing your skin to sun rays can cause damage. With high thread count, hemp clothing acts as a barrier that UV rays cannot penetrate. Subsequently, your skin remains protected from different types of skin problems, including cancer.


Do you know about microfiber pollution? It has resulted in synthetic fibre becoming the most-hated product. Incidentally, the fashion world is steering towards eco-friendly options to eliminate such dangers. Popular natural fabrics like cotton or bamboo may pop up on your mind. Sadly, both options can affect our environment adversely.

While cotton requires enormous amounts of water for thriving, bamboo undergoes intensive chemical processing. Since it feels like a minefield, you have to choose with caution. Hemp can become the alternative as natural-fibre clothing requires fewer resources and has high sustainability. Let’s join the trend of ethical clothing by opting for hemp. It is a small contribution to safeguard our mother earth.

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