6-Ingredient Lemon-Ginger Liver Detox Juice

6-Ingredient Lemon-Ginger Liver Detox Juice to Stop Your Body From Storing Toxins in FAT, Besides being balanced in flavor, a combination of beet and carrot juice is also very nutritious. It promotes the body’s natural detoxification process to flush out toxins, bacteria, and heavy metals that could be clogging up your system.

Lemon Ginger

You can significantly enhance the effectiveness of this juice by adding a few more simple ingredients to the recipe.

Liver Cleansing Beet Juice

This recipe makes about four snacks and two meal servings.


  • 2 Organic red apples
  • 3 Organic carrots
  • ½ inch of ginger root
  • 1 Organic cooked beet
  • ½ organic lemon
  • 6 Organic kale leaves, without the spine
  • 1 ½ cups of water


  1. Cut all the ingredients after peeling and washing them. Keep the lemon, apple, and carrot peels aside; you’ll incorporate them into the juice.
  2. Blend all the ingredients, plus the peels, until smooth.
  3. If desired, strain the mixture before drinking.
  4. You can drink it immediately or keep it refrigerated for later use as a healthy snack.

Ingredient Breakdown

Carrots and Beets are both loaded with carotenoids that augment liver health by promoting bile flow to help your liver expel the trash and fiber to take in the bile and then push it out of the digestive tract. Also, beta-carotene safeguards the liver from alcohol-induced liver damage.

Ginger is a digestive tonic that effectively relieves common complications like nausea, bloating and flatulence. Besides minimizing cancer-causing inflammation, it also helps in controlling severe conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome.

Apples have malic acid, which plays a role in dissolving liver stones and gallstones. Likewise, the fruit stimulates bile flow and combats non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Kale contains glucosinolate, an enzyme that combats cancer and expels toxins. It also enhances thyroid function to avert hormonal imbalances and excessive weight gain.

Lemon boasts of protective bioflavonoids, such as hesperidin, which prevents liver damage. It also has toxin-fighting citrate and combats LDL cholesterol.

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