25 Surprising Lemon Remedies We Bet You Never Knew

Lemons are healthy fruit as well as lemons have a distinct, pleasant taste and smell that make them so great in foods, drinks and different daily life remedies. Lemon has a significant amount of vitamin C, fibre and plant compounds, so it has a lot of healthy benefits. Lemon has many benefits for skin and hairs also. Let’s discuss some lemon remedies.

Lemon Uses

Lemon and honey for face:

Lemons are filled with AHA and BHA, which is useful for removing the dead skin cells and helping to clear the blackheads. Honey is a natural antioxidant and antibacterial, so it is also good for the skin. If someone wants to take care of his/her skin, but they cannot afford monthly facials, then Lemon and Honey is a homemade remedy that is very beneficial and cheaper. The homemade mask of Honey and Lemon is so useful for fresh, clean and moisturised skin. To make this homemade mask, you will need:

  1. ½ organic Lemon
  2. 1tbsp Organic Raw Honey
  3. Mixing bowl and spoon

Now mix the natural raw honey and squeezed lemon in the bowl and mix well. Now apply all over your face and be careful to your eyes. Now let your skin soak up this face mask for 15-20 minutes. Wash away with warm water, after that. You can use your favourite moisturiser. Do this remedy at least for two weeks for incredible results.

Lemon for Hairs:

Lemon is good for hair growth, colour, pigment and melanin. Mix lemon juice with olive oil or coconut oil and use the mixture in the scalp. Do massage for 20 minutes in your hairs with soft hands then let your hairs soak up this mixture for 30-50 minutes.  Afterwards, rinse it out with warm water and wash your hairs. Vitamin C strengthens the hairs so if you want to get good results. This massage should be done regularly for one month.

Lemon for dandruff:

Lemon helps to fight with dandruff from the level of roots. Dandruff can be controlled with the use of lemon juice because of the citric acid present in the lemon curbs the fungal activity on your scalp. Some ways to use lemon to control dandruff. We need:

  1. 2tbsp Lemon juice
  2. 2tbsp Amla juice (Indian gooseberry)
  3. Mixing bowl

Mix two tablespoons Lemon juice and two tablespoons of Amla juice in a bowl. Now using a cotton ball dab, it on your scalp gently. Now leave it for 25-35 minutes and rinse it with normal water. By regular use, you will get amazing results.

Lemon for weight loss:

Lemon water is beneficial for fullness, supports hydration and boosts the metabolism. Lemon can be used for weight loss in many ways. Lemon juice is easy to make, tasty, and mainly it can be used as a low-calorie beverage. For weight loss we need:

  1. 1 Lemon
  2. 1 Glass of water
  3. Fresh mint leaves
  4. Sprinkle of black salt

Squeeze the lemon in the glass of water. Now add some fresh mint leaves then sprinkle of black salt or regular salt in the water, mix well and enjoy the drink. For the amazing and instant results drink this lemon juice with an empty stomach every morning.

Lemon for Acne

Lemon for Pimples:

Lemon juice is beneficial for the pimples. The lemon juice contains citric acid, which is used in skincare products. It is suitable for skin peeling and regrowth of skin. After washing your face with a mild cleanser squeeze a lemon into a small bowl. Now apply it carefully to your pimples with a cotton swab. Leave it for 5 – 7 minutes and then rinse your face with normal water. Repeat it until your pimples disappear.

Lemon for acidity:

Lemon juice helps to get rid of acidity issues. It relieves the painful symptoms of indigestion. Lemon can reduce the risk of burping and bloat from excess gas production in your gut. Daily use of Lemon juice can keep your digestive system healthy. Some research said that Lemon juice has an alkalising effect which can reduce acid reflux.

Lemon for skin

Lemon for skin whitening:

Lemon can provide an immediate response, and your skin appears light and glowing within a single try but sometimes. Use the lemon juice daily for a month. The change will be shown in 2 weeks, and it will be long-lasting results. For the best result, we need:

  • 1tbsp Sugar (in powder form)
  • One Lemon

Now cut the lemon into two pieces and cover it with sugar powder. Now scrub your skin with this lemon for 5-7 minutes. Do this remedy three times a week. It is a natural exfoliant scrub that removes the dead skin and lightens your skin.

Lemon for lips:

Lemon is proven to be very useful in the treatment of dry lips and dark lips. From exfoliating the skin and removing the dead skin cells. Lemon juice is also working as a natural bleach to give the pink lips.  For the best permanent results, we need:

  1. 1tbsp lemon juice
  2. 1tbsp organic honey
  3. Small Mixing bowl

Now mix the lemon juice with honey and apply it all over the lips for 30 minutes.  If honey is not available, then add 1tbsp castor oil in the lemon juice and apply it on the lips. After 30 minutes, wash your lips with light warm water. Do this for one month daily, and you will get rosy pink lips.

Aloe Vera and Lemon for face:

Aloe Vera Gel is used in many skin products because it has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.  It is used in many home remedies also because of its amazing results. It can be used directly on the skin or hairs, but the use of Aloe Vera gel with other natural products can enhance the results. Aloe Vera gel with the lemon gives outstanding results on the skin. We need:

  • 2tbsp Aloe Vera Gel
  • 1tbsp Lemon juice

Make a face mask by mixing the Aloe Vera gel in lemon juice. Now apply it twice in a week. It removes the bacteria from the skin and reduces the risk of spots developing. If you use this facemask overnight and wash it off in the morning, results will be unbelievable.

Aloe Vera and Lemon for hairs:

If you mix the lemon juice and Aloe Vera gel and make a paste. Now massage this mixture on your scalp and hair and then leave it for 30-40 minute and rinse with normal water. This message is very beneficial for the thickening of hairs. Aloe Vera Gel is useful to soothe your itchy scalp. And the lemon juice has vitamin C, that is the best thing for hair growth. It also makes the hair stronger because Aloe Vera gel has proteolytic enzymes and essential acids.

Coconut oil and lemon juice:

The natural properties of coconut oil that are medium-chain fatty acids and monolaurin are excellent for boosting immunity.

For increasing the immune system:

  • Start your day with a cup of hot water infused with fresh lemon juice and add a spoon of coconut oil in it.
  • It is also suitable for natural weight loss.
  • It is useful in healthy digestion.

It has impressive results to achieve clear radiant skin because coconut oil has antifungal and antibacterial properties which are very useful for clear skin and lemon will keep your skin hydrated, radiant and youthful.

The mixture of lemon and coconut oil is also beneficial for hair fall and dandruff.

Lemon for pregnancy:

Lemon is helpful for pregnancy and such nausea. Lemon is a natural and herbal way of controlling nausea. Lemon essential oil is a popular herbal remedy that is useful for vomiting in pregnancy. Doctors recommend pregnant women to increase their daily intake by the 300 calories during the second trimester. Doctors recommend a cup of lemon water per day to stay hydrated.

Lemon contains 6.38 micrograms of float, and in pregnancy, it is the essential nutrient for neural development. So pregnant women should use lemons in their daily routine.

Lemon for kidney Stones:

Lemon has fantastic results for the kidney patient. Citrate is a salt which is found in citric acid. Citrate binds to calcium and helps to block the stone formation.  It is proved that drinking one glass of lemon juice diluted in water regularly can reduce the kidney stone risk. Lemons can increase the urine levels of citrate, which may help treat kidney stones. You can drink lemon juice with olive oil. It works faster than single lemon because the mixture of lemon and olive oil reduces the pain of the kidney, and it can help to flush the stones out of your body.

Turmeric and Lemon:

Lemon juice and turmeric have fantastic health benefits. Turmeric and lemon mixture are effective for acne and pimples. The mixture of lemon and turmeric is also suitable for removing the dullness from the skin. The combination of turmeric and lemon in a glass of warm water has impressive effects in cough & cold problems. The combination of lemon turmeric and ginger in a glass of hot water is beneficial as an excellent antioxidant.

Egg and lemon for hair:

The egg can help your hair resist damage. Egg yolk is rich in vitamins and primarily full of moisturising your hair. And the lemon has biotin folate and vitamin C & A that are essential nutrients for hair growth and healthy hair.

The mixture of eggs and lemon juice is fit for the scalp or to get rid of dandruff and the best element for dry hairs.

Honey and lemon for cough:

Honey is a time-honoured way to soothe a sore throat. It is also beneficial for coughing. 2 tbsp. of honey in a glass of hot water some drops of lemon juice to get rid of cough.

It is the best herbal remedy to relieve coughs then the medicine which has no side effects. Honey reduces nighttime coughing and improves sleep.

Lemon for liver:

Lemon juice works as a digestive and a detoxifying agent and helps in cleaning the liver. Lemon also increases the metabolic rate of the body. Lemon is a rich source of vitamin C that’s why lemon juice protects the body from all the deficiencies of the immune system.

Lemons are beneficial to protect the liver from oxidative damage. Lemon juice protects or reverses the effect of excessive alcohol consumption.

Lemon for gastric:

Lemon water relieves constipation and improves digestion. Lemon with honey has the potential to clean the colon and flush out indigestive food. Enhancing digestion means metabolism is also growing, and it can further use for weight loss.

Small amounts of lemon juice mixed with water can help to neutralise the acid in your stomach. It has an alkaline effect when it’s digested. The lemon juice can reduce the risk of burping and bloat.

Lemon and baking soda for teeth:

Baking soda is a safe way to remove surface-level stains on your tooth enamel. Baking soda is abrasive, and lemon juice is acidic, so the combination of baking soda and lemon juice form a destructive duo that corrodes tooth enamel.

Adding some baking soda in your toothpaste and using it for two weeks is very useful for the whitened teeth. Dental treatments are costly, but this remedy is very cheap, natural to use and safe for your teeth.

Ginger and lemon for weight loss:

Ginger is very useful in decreasing the inflammation, stimulating digestion and suppressing your appetite; these properties can promote weight loss. Ginger is typically used with other ingredients when your goal is weight loss. Ginger and lemon combination is the best remedy for weight loss.

It is the best antioxidant drink (ginger lemon water) that controls free radicals and inflammation. The mixture of ginger and lemon has an anti-obesity effect that can help to digest the food faster and stabilise your blood sugar. These drinks also hydrate your body and feeling fuller longer

Glycerin and lemon for dark circles:

Glycerin is a natural, fatty substance that can prevent loss of elasticity thinning wrinkles puffy ness. dryness and the dark circles of the skin. Glycerin with lemon juice can regenerate fresh new skin cells, and it can reduce irritation, and reduce the appearance of dark circles

It can also make your skin smoother and softer.

Lemon and curd for hair:

Curd provides much nutrition for healthy hairs it can overcome dandruff and smooth the hairs vitamin C in the lemon improves the rate of your hair growth by boosting the production of


The paste of lemon juice and curd controls the production of oil in your scalp, and it helps to stimulate the regrowth from dormant hair follicles

Lemon and curd also provide silky and shiny hairs.

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