20 things use for Coca Cola which does not belong in the human body

20 things use for Coca Cola which does not belong in the human body, Coca-Cola is undoubtedly the world’s most popular drink. However, it has a very high acid content, which can destroy the tooth enamel, exposing your teeth to decay.

coca cola

Some tests show that it has a pH of 2.5. As such, its consumption is not entirely beneficial, but this drink can be beneficial for cleaning purposes as outlined below:

  1. It is effective in cleaning blood stains from clothes.
  2. Polish your pennies by soaking them in Coke.
  3. You can use it to descale your kettle.
  4. Pour some coke in the toilet bowl, leave it for some minutes before flushing it clean.
  5. It is effective in eliminating grease stains from fabrics.
  6. Pour some Coke on the garage floor, and then hose it off to clean the oil stains.
  7. It can kill snails and slugs, thanks to its high acid content.
  8. Pour 2 liters of the popular drink into the pool, and let it act for a while to remove rust stains.
  9. Use a sponge or cloth soaked in Coke to clean rusty bolts.
  10. Pour some Coke on the car battery terminals to clean them.
  11. Dip the hair in Coke for 2 minutes before wiping it off to eliminate the gum stuck in the hair.
  12. Coke can be used to clean engines.
  13. Dip a towel in Coke, and use it to remove paint stains from your metal furniture.
  14. Pour some of the drink on the kitchen floor, allow it to act for a while before wiping it to clean the tile grout.
  15. With Coke, you can easily remove or fade the hair dye.
  16. A combination of Coke and aluminum foil can effectively polish Chrome.
  17. Coke can be used to clean the stains from vitreous china.
  18. Pour some Coke on your carpet, scrub it, and then rinse it with soapy water to clean the marker stains.
  19. If you put a tooth in a sealed container filled with Coke and left for a long time, the tooth will dissolve.
  20.  To clean your burnt pans, pour some Coke into them, allow it to act, and then rinse the pan clean.

Therefore, this drink is very harmful to our health. It can cause severe complications to the stomach lining and the entire body, but it is an excellent alternative to commercial cleaning agents.


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