2 Safer Alternatives of Nonstick Pans

2 Safer Alternatives of Nonstick Pans, Without a doubt, you have heard about Teflon frying pans and the Dangers of Nonstick Pans. These are the nonstick pans that have become quite common. As much as they require no pre-treatment, they are pretty light and very convenient. Nonetheless, they do pose some concerns if they are not appropriately treated.

Alternatives of Nonstick Pans

Upon overheating, Teflon can release chemicals that are toxic and can kill birds and pets. These chemicals exhibit flu-like symptoms in humans. Illness can be caused by overheating for even two minutes. Even though yet to be proven, the compound has also been linked to other chronic diseases like thyroid disease, cancer, reduced fertility and high cholesterol. It is too much of a risk to bear for anyone.

There are 2 Alternatives of Nonstick Pans options

you could consider cast iron and ceramic. They are both quite formidable and have significant advantages and downsides as well.

Cast Iron Alternatives of Nonstick Pans

Even though I do not have a particular reason, this happens to be my favourite of all. It poses more work, but with proper seasoning, I can cook acidic foods in it.

Benefits Cast Iron Alternatives of Nonstick Pans


Bluntly put, cast iron is indestructible. Many are times when a cast iron pan has hit the floor, only for the floor to suffer the most damage. It can take any form of abuse that comes its the way.

For $3, I bought one at a garage sale. It took some time and plenty of rust-remover, but I was able to bring it back to its former glory. The most likeable thing about it is it’s from the 30s or so, I suspect. It is vintage. This means it is more nonstick than my newer options because cast iron was more polished and smooth on the inside. That’s the reason why I found buying an old pan more sensible than opting for a new one.

Safe to use in the Oven

Without any concerns, I can throw my iron skillet in the Oven. It gives me that professional chef feeling. It is easier to ensure even heating or even make a sauce in the pan, then dump the pasta in the same pan and bake it.

It is safe for Metal Utensils.

There is nothing wrong with using metal utensils in a cast iron pan. No one should tell you otherwise.

Wash them how you like

You can wash your cast iron pan when and however you like. The myth about them not being washed with soap and water is just a myth. Once every fortnight, I give mine a good scrub and soak it in boiling water once in a while. It is also lovely to re-season it.

It is usable anywhere.

A cast-iron pan is probably the only multi-purpose utensil you will ever have. You can even shove it in a campfire without any worries whatsoever.

Downsides Cast Iron Alternatives of Nonstick Pans

Heats unevenly

Even though most people take this as a negative, I prefer to be optimistic. Usually, the area directly on the fire gets very hot, and the other sites remain cooler. This means you can cook a couple of things at once under varying temperatures.

It requires seasoning

While most of the modern pans will come pre-seasoned, you want to strip the old ones down and do a bit of your seasoning as well. This is relatively easy.

Technically, it is not nonstick.

Yes, but with a bit of preparation, it comes pretty close.

It is quite heavy

I can flip a pancake, and I have a nice forearm muscle to show for it. But this will take some practice, though.

Ceramic Alternatives of Nonstick Pans

If I have to switch from cast iron for some unknown and highly unwelcome reason, then I would opt for ceramic.

Benefits Ceramic Alternatives of Nonstick Pans

It is nonstick

While some might require some oil in them, others do not, and ceramic is almost as nonstick as Teflon.

It heats evenly

This is the deal-breaker for most folks. Not only do they cook relatively evenly when used, but they also leave no residue behind.

Easy to clean

With some water, soaking and a dishcloth, you should be able to get the pan clean. This is because they are not as uneven as cast iron.

Non-stick and non-scratch

They are genuinely nonstick, which is not the case with cast iron, and they are metal safe, too, according to what I’ve heard.

Safe for oven use

Not all are, but those that are Oven safe are just as easy to use as their cast iron cousins. You have to check your brand to ensure it is Oven safe.

Downside Ceramic Alternatives of Nonstick Pans


Some brands are working on lighter ceramic skillets, but most of the ones I have used are as heavy as cast iron.


If you drop it, it will either break or crack, and if you’re unlucky, it will shutter. It is a problem I’ve heard of repeatedly


They are not cheap, and it is hard to come by them at the local garage sale at a significant discount.

For an adult-only home, I bet ceramic would be the best way to go. It is way too risky for ceramic pans and kids to be in the same house or even those in our clumsy club with badly knitted sweaters. However, they are easier to maintain with plenty of benefits, even though the price tag and fragile nature raise some concerns.

For the case of cast iron, you only need to do seasoning once in a while. They have some significant weight, and I have some profound affinity for the older pan. Vintage pans tend to be bumpy at the bottom, but worth the money you pay for them.

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